First Day of 2017/2018 Season!


November 1, 2017 Day 1! Hiked up near Mennehaha Basin just outside of Silverton, CO for some fresh turns!!! YEEEA FACESHOTS!!!! There’s a little under a foot up in the high country, lots of snow blown around by wind too. The season has begun! Went with my buddy Jack who works with me at Carver Brewing in Durango. We struggled to find a ride up to Silverton! Watching the forecast all week we saw that this morning was going to be the best day for the start of the season, but did not want to drive the bus up without chains and he does not have a car. Sending out mass texts and asking everyone we see to drive up! Nobody was down… Too busy, work, did not think there would be enough snow…. All the excuses! We basically gave up and said party on! Then while out partying after work a ladyfriend, Madison, who also works with us at Carvers offered we could take her car!!!!!! DONE!!!!! We have a little connection going some I’m like hmmm is it weird to borrow her car, but then I was like for the love of POW dude and she is just being way too nice to turn down the offer!!! Thank you Madison! To Silverton we went with expectations to ski Velocity Basin. We planned to ski a couloir in there, unfortunately could not get the car I borrowed up the road so change of plans it was. We ended up hiking up a road, no intentions to go high, but  kept hiking and hiking and were on top of Mennehaha! We skied the North facing tree shots! Coverage was very low! Way worth it though!! Some of the turns felt like full on winter and some faceshots were definitely had! POWWWWW

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