Guns n Fourwheelers


November 8, 2017 Day 2! Everything besides North facing melted from the storm before. Julien and I took his four wheeler with snowtracks up to Mennehaha! If you are not sure what that is, it is like a four wheeler with snowmobile tracks as tires. We had an early morning start to be sure to beat the sun melting the fresh few inches that had fallen. We took the four wheeler up to a hut and got the wood burning stove going! Julien shot the pistol a few times. He asked me if I liked guns and I was like no not really man not a fan of guns. So he loaded another bullet into the mag and handed it over to me. Shoot it. Just once! So I did!! Guns are powerful man…. Now it was time to shred! We went into Mennehaha Basin with the quad. Got pretty high up! Surprising how far the four wheeler could go. Julien has never snowboarded before so we were just skiing a low angled grass field with some fresh POW on it. He crushed it!! Stood up and took right off no problem!! Sick! Confidence is key! We shuttled on the four wheeler and traded off laps! He got some cool drone footage in the basin with a beautiful view of early season Colorado skiing! For lunch we went back up to the hut and made hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches in the wood stove! Back to POW! We took the quad higher up a road towards Bonita Peak. As we were cruising along I spotted a wind drifted powdered filled gully coming down from the top of Bonita. I HAD TO SKI IT! Julien was way cool with that and wanted to film it on his drone! So I hiked up that bitch! Holy moly did I feel it! First big hike of the season! Could not send it from the top because there was no snow, but I got a little exposed at the end of the hike to drop in at a sick spot and had a fantastic ski!! Very rocky up top, then about halfway down I was shredding POW! Still need a lot more snow out there. Bring your rock skis if you plan to go. What a great day! Yiphaww Silverton Colorado!!!!!!

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