Hunting for Wind Drift POW

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.51.53 AM

November 18, 2017 Day 3! Went up to Mennehaha area with Colin and Julien! This zone has been collecting and holding the most snow that is why we keep returning. Regardless, we come to this spot all the time in the winter! The road access with snowmobiles is incredible! Today we brought up the four wheeler again! The road on the way up in the morning was beautiful! It looked like winter! SOON! The three of us went into Mennehaha Basin after dropping gear off at the hut. Each of us took a couple laps in the basin. Sticking to that low angle terrain for Julien. Still super fun skiing for what we have!! After lunch we all hiked up towards Bonita to go check out the previous wind drift line I skied. The four wheeler could not get past about 11,600ft because too much snow. As we were hiking we spotted POWWWWWW! There was a gully that had hella snow filled up in it! There were super high winds last night so there were some POW spots like this you just had to put in the effort to find them. Mmmm POW! Colin and I party mobbed it, while Julien filmed us on the drone! It was siiiick! So much fun! We were both shooting up lots of snow and making great turns! It ended up being at least a 2,000ft ski! Was not expecting that! It just kept going and going down towards the Gold King Mine. (That is the mine that had the huge spill into the Animas River a couple years back….) The gully ended up feeding into this rock wall gully-like feature! I would not call it a couloir, but it sure had the feeling!! Snowboarding between two rock walls taller than you is the best!! Skiing lines like this does not get to happen in Silverton during full on winter season. It is too high of avalanche danger that this specific line could slide on or above and put you into a terrain trap. Very grateful for these early season lines even though we are slacking on POW! Today was also the first day I threw the skins on!! We hiked back up the road we took the quad up. Julien did not know we were going to end up back on that road, neither did we…. If only! When we got back up to the hut we shot the 22 for a bit!! Then realized that time flies when your skiing POW and I was about to be late for work… Awwww shit! When they rehired me at Carvers I told them that once winter hit I would not be late for work because snowboarding, I have a bad habit of that… Day 3 of shredding and I’m late! Haaa! Priorities! So we rushed and packed up! And of course I could not resist and shredded the North facing trees back down to the car!!!!!!

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