If There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 2.51.51 AMDecember 22, 2017. If there’s a will, there’s a way!! Still struggling down here in Silverton, Colorado… Did not get much from the storm, plus whatever we did get got blown away by high winds!! Thankfully found a wind filled POW shot off of Mennehaha Basin!!!! Best line of the season so far!! Felt great to feel almost bottomless and open up a bit! Still need lots of snow! PRAY TO DAS SNOW GODS! Today restored my faith in snowboarding… Ha! Just slowly losing it with this now POW thing! Needed to open up a bit! Felt so so sooooo good! Thinking about going to Japan! Or at least somewhere else. Unfortunately Silverton and the San Juans is not the place to be this year… I LOVE SNOWBOARDING!! Soon it will be full on winter! This shot makes it look somewhat good in Silverton. Don’t be fooled! Everything else is totally bare. North facing stuff is holding snow, but it is like 6-12in of facets with the fresh on top of it. I also skied a North facing tree lap today! Best tree lap of the year as well, but still lots of downed trees and stumps all over. Gotta be careful!!!

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