“The Professor” on Loveland Pass

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.42.41 AM

Dec 6, 2017. Still chillin on Loveland Pass! It has been three days of bus living up here now! Was planning on leaving 3 days ago, but the fresh snow has got me staying! Went for a single lap by myself yesterday. Kept it simple and took a pass lap! Still had a great time. Hiked above tree line for my drop in. For some reason there was this spot nobody had skied that had powder! So I put my track down that bitch! Today we shredded “The Professor.” It is a big bowl that is right across the street from A-Basin!! Backcountry over resort anyday!!! Stared at this line from the bus after the fresh 4in, but did not want to ski it alone… Was about to leave the pass yesterday, then Dillon rolled up to the bus to say hi, I asked him if he wanted to shred it tomorrow, and he was down! So I stayed!!! CHRONIC NATION! Super chill hike for a siiiiick ski that pooped us out at the lot I had the bus parked in!! Ski bum life!!!!!! Great time chillin up on Loveland Pass! Great ski community up there! Suppose to be -25F tonight… I can handle this cold, but the propane heater is building up way to much moisture. Back to Durango I go! Gotta get the bus all ready for full on winter!!!

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