Day One in Japan!

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 6.54.32 AMJAPOWWWWWW! POW exists!! What I came here for is true!! DEEP POW! I got to the Hakuba Powder Lodge at 1:30AM this morning. After about 24 hours of traveling, I made it! Straight to sleep I went to wake up and ski POW in the morning. Woke up at 7AM! This hostel is sweeeet! Super nice and great people! Had breakfast with Lee and Matty, then we hit the slopes! We went to Hakuba46! The hostel owner hooked me up with a discounted lift ticket! Hell yea! Thank you Nick at Powder Lodge! What a day it was! The snow was deeeep! We went straight for the trees! Did not have to do too much hiking. Like non really… Just about a 100ft bootpack above the chairlift for a few laps. It was everything I hoped for and more!! The snow felt fast and fluffy for deep pow! FANTASTIC! First POW day of the season! The tree skiing here is sick! Kind of tight, but enough room to get going! I did not want to go to fast tho because I have no idea where I am going and have to stick with Lee and Matt! The riding out here is like nothing I have ever experienced. You are basically skiing sub ridges that lead to more ridges that lead to pillows! So cool! Stick to the ridge!!!!! Great tip for JaPOW shredding! The white room here is the real deal. Just about every turn you kick up hella snow. And just about every other turn you are in the white room! HA!!! For those of you that do not know the white room is when you turn and push up so much snow you can not see and everything is just white. The white room in Japan is crazy!!! You can not see for longer than what I am used to… Trust yourself and where you were going! Don’t hit a tree! The clouds of white smoke are huuuuuge!! Felt great to finally ski some POW! Used the Venture Storm splitboard. First time she rode POW! What an absolutely incredible day!! Japan has lived up for what it is!!! And I barely put a dent into what we can do out here! After shredding we went to the grocery store. Thank goodness for Lee. I would have been so lost up in that bitch if it was not for him! All stocked up for breakfast, lunch, and snacks! And chocolate and dessert of course!!! After that we went back to the hostel, uploaded and edited videos from the day, ate sushi, and drank hot tea! I was so exhausted at this point. CANT STOP WONT STOP! For the love of POW! Off to work Lee and I went. He got me the in at a place called the Bike Bar. It is a lowkey Aussi owned bar that serves burgers and pizzas! The kitchen is way small! Smallest kitchen I have ever worked in. Cool gig tho!! Paid for my day of snowboarding! Being tired I second guessed myself on working out here while on “vacation”, but it was well worth it! Going to stick the job out while I am here! I will be pretty much paying for my day of snowboarding with each night of work! So koosh! Living the dream! Time for some ZZZZs! Stoked for tomorrow! Who knows what we will get into! Big storm coming in on Monday too!!!! YES! So happy with this decision to come out here! Life could not be any more incredible! This is going to be a fantastic trip! Already is and it has only been one day! POWWWWWWWWW!

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