Day Six in Japan! Down Days…

26772017_10156075403991055_1661772744_oAnother down day today. Unfortunately it rained… The dumping POW stoke was so high yesterday, but then the rain came. Oh well. Tis the name of the game. Still had a great day in Japan! Woke up to it raining. Looked out the window and all the snow looked like rippled rain snow. Only a couple people at the Powder Lodge went to the mountain. Lee was tempted to go out for sanity sake, but figured it was a good idea to rest his leg. Matthias was tempted to go check out where rain line was, but stayed back and got stuff done around the lodge. I was tempted to join, but not worth paying for a pass for one lap. My leg is doing better I think. The bruising did not get worse and the swelling went down a little bit. Should be all good to go for tomorrow. It is snowing hard again! THANKFULLY! Spent the morning getting stuff done online. Sent out a bunch of emails for Chronic Boards getting ready for Outdoor Retailer. Very stoked on that! Chronic is becoming more and more successful! Lee and I made pork tacos for lunch!! Soooo good! Afterwards we went to the super market and hardware store. I did not need anything, but went along to kill some time. We had a good time shopping. Easy to make a good time out of shopping here. Always a cultural experience and lots of funny stuff at the stores. I am tempted to get some tall rain boots to have for bus life. They are sold here at a reasonable price. Must be because there is POW around town all the time. I found green tea KitKats at the store. Super interesting taste. They are kind of like KitKats with a hint of white chocolate/green tea/grassy flavor/kind of pasty weird taste. I dig them for sure! Only can eat one at a time though. Not a smash the whole bag type of KitKat. Please excuse my sporadic short sentences tonight. I am a little buzzed giving you thought after thought. The rest of the day was lots of fun as well!! Went out with a group of Sweeds and met up with Pete and a couple others from Durango. We had a great time! Went to the Goldy Locks Bear Cafe. There was this sick section to sit in the upstairs. It was a clear dome with these sexy ass couches set up inside it. So we got to hang out inside with the feeling of it dumping on us. Drank a couple beers there, then walked to another great restaurant. Of course I got another cutlet meal. Loving these cutlet sets out here! This time I had ginger pork. Delicious! Lots of food for a great price! The people here are fantastic! Making new friends!!!! Really loving the group I hung out with today! Did not go to work tonight. Was chilling with everyone at Goldy Locks and was about to leave for work and everyone was like staaaay! So I did! My inner ski bum wanted to work, but Pete convinced me I would be okay not working because I did not spend money on a lift ticket today. Glad they did! Had a wonderful time tonight! Lots of laughing with amazing people! About to head to bed. Tomorrow should be a POW day!!!!!!!

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