Day Seven and Eight in Japan! POW DAYS!

POWWWWWW! Two fatty POW days in a row!! I am exhausted… Full day of shredding, then work tonight…. HOLY FUCKING POW! For the love of POW! Yesterday was incredible. Lee, Matthias, and I went to Goryu. There was about 45-50cm of fresh!!!! And it did not stop dumping all day. We started the day off by digging around above the line we were going to drop into. It rained the day before so there was definitely a rain crust and we wanted to be sure that the new snow was not going to slide on top of it. Our results were good! It definitely was able to break from it, but not easily. We did not do any pit ECT or CT test or anything. Just a mini mock pit to test stability on the rain crust. Matt and I cut the snow with our arms and Lee cut the snow with his ski poles. All of us were finding good results. For the first lap we stuck somewhat close to each other to be safe. No snow was breaking away! A little sloughing, but that is it. The rest of the day was full on! So fucking good! We did a few laps in a similar area and it was oh so good. A bit later in the day went over to a different zone. I scared myself and got a little “lost”. I really was never in danger, but the visibility was so low I just had no idea where I was. I had skied this zone with them before… I thought I had skied a little too far right and tried to get back over to where I needed to be, but it was so bushy and really thick in trees. “Fuck fuck fuck!” Is what I was saying out loud to myself. No way did I get myself into this scenario. Never thought I would get lost. It could happen to anyone though. The whole time I was very worried. If worse came to worse I could boot pack all the way back up staying in my snowboard track. I kept going down a bit and finally through the trees off in the distance I saw a ski lift! YES! I am all good! Boot packed my way through the deep ass snow back to the groomer that led to a chairlift. No sign of Lee or Matty. Im sure they were a bit concerned at this point. I worked my way back to the gondola and while walking through the parking lot Lee had wrote on his car in the snow “LEE 12:20”. I checked my phone. It was 12:22. So I put a big ole “KOOSH” on the car and sent him a message saying I am all good. They went back up to the run and followed my lost tracks of snowboard tracks and boot packs to realize I was all good! I ran into Pete, Tim, and Sam while waiting for Lee and Matty to get back. All of us took a couple laps together after that and then called it a day. What a day! So much fun! I went to the doctor afterwards to make sure my leg was alright. When I took my boot off the swelling and bruising got bad again so it had me concerned. The doctor said I was okay. He took and x-ray to make sure I did not fracture anything where I initially hit my shin. No fractures! And as far as the bruising and swelling goes… It was exactly what I thought. Bruising from the shin hit was being pulled down by gravity and getting caught in the area of my boot. What a relief! It only cost me 9,000yen for the x-ray and consult, which is about $90USD! I was treated so nice by all the nurses and the doctor. Way nicer than I have ever been treated in America. FUCK THE UNITED STATES HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!! Went to work right after doctor and went straight to bed when I got back to the POW Lodge.

TODAY WAS EVEN BETTER! Lee and I went back to Goryu with some of our Danish friends we have met here at the Hakuba Powder Lodge. There was a fresh 60cm at least! All tracks were covered! It was knee to thigh deep while boot packing to the drop in zone. OMG! Soooooo fucking good dude! Nipple deep snowboarding!!!!! Constant faceshots! I was feeling the best today! Finally got my POW legs underneath me and feeling comfortable with where I am around this terrain. Today was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!! One of the better POW days of life! Today was one of those days I live for. People wonder why I work a little and play a lot…. Because of days like today! These days make it all worth it! We took so many laps! So much POW was skied. So many faceshots were had! The first lap I sent it huge of this pillow thing. Lee hit it first and big too. Then I went after him and his track gave me hella speed and booted me off it! I was constantly smiling, laughing, and screaming today! EVERY RUN! MAD SMILES AND LAUGHING!!! The snow was so deep! The snowpack was great! Nothing was moving. We also dug around at the beginning of the day and were not able to get all the new snow to break from the rain crust. It bonded yesterday and overnight! GREAT! Game on! We skied this zone for a bunch of laps and then went and checked out another one. It was the same one I got turned around in yesterday. Not today! I stuck super close to Lee for the first one. I love shredding with Lee!! We rip together! The Danish boys took a break after this one. Had to earn your turns for sure and they felt it. Lee and I took two more on this. He went and skied a different ridge that he could traverse on skis and I ripped the same line. So much fun! I feel way comfortable in this zone now!!! Totally untracked POWDER every run! You are constantly jumping through this one too! So many features and options to have fun! DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEEP! Spun my first butter 360 in the POW while going mach tits on the Chronic ATV. Felt sooooo good! Buttery! Mmmmm.. HA! We linked back up with the boys and took a couple more in the first zone. It was a bit more tracked, but still plenty of fresh to be had. Our last lap we dropped off the other side of the zone and skied fresh tracks! What a way to end the day! I wish I had more footage of both these days. The first day my GoPro got whacked off by a tree and broke my mount. Thankfully I had a leash tied to my GoPro. Smart Eddie! Highly recommend leashing your GoPro!!!! And the second day my GoPro died on the second lap… Of course. That is okay though. It was kind of like one of those days that you get to keep to yourself. One of those days where it goes straight to your soul. Todays visuals were all for me! Sorry world… I am absolutely obsessed with snowboarding POW! And these are the days that make it happen! Thank you snow gods!!!! Both videos are from the first day! I will hopefully have something for today by tomorrow!

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