Day Nine in Japan! Spines, Peaks, and Pros

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 6.31.01 AMPOWWWWWWWWW! Today was unreal!! Lee and I went to Goryu. We started the day with a short boot pack lap. Dropped into some South trees! The top was a bit tracked, but we found an untouched section once we got into it. Very tired body at the start of the day from yesterday. After the first lap we contemplated on touring. I was like “Well we are both passionate about skinning.” and Lee responded “Lets go for a walk.” We put our skins on and began the tour. On our way up the clouds started to break. Not expected at all for today. Towards the top we ran into Matthias and his group of Italians, one being Giulia Monego. Thanks for breaking trail dudes! At the top it got sunny enough for spines!!!!! Lee dropped in and skied the “Adventure Zone” and I skied “Lone Tree”. I had got one go at Lone Tree spine at the begining of the trip so I now knew where to go down the spine! It was incredible! The snow was so deep!! Totally untouched. Maaaad sloughing down the fall lines on both sides. Unfortunetly for everyone, my first turn blew POW up into my face and blocked out the GoPro, not a bad problem for me though. I dropped into the line with beautiful turns at the top before getting to the spine. I decided to go high on the spine and send a drop rather than going around and getting on it. My tail slapped a glide crack and made me fall. Glide cracks everywhere today. Kind of scary, but not too concerning. After the drop I was all good! Shredded the fuck out of the spine with awesome pillow features along it. I would get moving so fast and with every speed check go blind in the white room trusting myself to stay on the spine. Then at the end of it I went for the big hit I did not stomp last time. This time with little hesitation I sent it and stomped it!!! Rode it out for a few seconds then cut back over to get back on the spine! The rest of the spine skied so well too! With more pillow drops to be had!!! Linked up with Lee at the bottom and we were both sooooooooo STOKED! So unbelievably stoked!!! I have never snowboarded anything like that! Fucking crazy man!! Out of this world!! Goosebumps all over my body on the way out! Mad adrenaline going, biggest smile ever, and hysterically laughing!

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 6.43.48 AMBody did not feel tired what so ever after that one! Morale and confidence booster! Much needed! Up for another we went!! On the way up we ran into Travis Rice and Shin Biyajima. Before I went up to him to say what up I gave him a pro shoutout. “Yo Travis! Just wanted to let you know I am a way better snowboarder than you!” Ahhaha so good! Had to go for it. Could not resist. I went up to him after that and reintroduced myself. We had met previously in Alaska. Once I said my name and told him I was a cook at the Tsania he remembered. The four of us finished the treck up to the top. At the top was Xavier De La Rue and his camera crew!!! He dropped into the line Lee had skied the lap before!!! Early bird gets the worm! I bet we will see that in one of his parts and the tracks on the one he skied are Lees and the tracks on the spine lookers left are mine!! That will be cool to see! We continued onward to Tengu. Nobody had hit it yet so we could not resist. Lee led the charge with me right behind him! Deeeeep skin track to set. Lots of work! Had Travis and Shin not too far behind us. At the top of Tengu, Travis asked if they could drop in first for a movie part. A lot of other pros we would have probably said sorry man and dropped in, but Travis is such a nice dude we let them have it. He had a sick helmet gimble. Never saw that before. Lee and I gave them about five minutes or so to get down for safely then dropped in! Party mob!!! Deep POW dude!! Faceshot after faceshot!! Lee went left and I went right towards the end of the line. I ended up in a crazy steep face. So steep and sexy! Travis and Shin stuck to the gully that fed out of it. I got up on the ridge and sent it with a cliff at the bottom right in front of the boys!!! Awwww yea! We all party mobbed out together and chilled by a beautiful creek together catching up and talking POW. Those guys are rad dudes! Hope they felt the same about us. He was like I owe you guys one for letting us have first tracks. Of course my ski bum mind instantly went to heli drops?! I did not say it, but that’s what I was thinking! HA! I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing where my mind goes sometimes! We parted from there and I rode away screaming POWWWWWW! Back at the bottom Lee and I could not resist to do another. Off for another tour! This one was pretty tough. Leg burner! For the love of POW! Made it to the top of Tengu again and skied a different ridge off it. Party mobbed it again! It was only Lee and I up there at this point in the day! CANT STOP WONT STOP! It was another powder filled lap! Lots of sick turns with a few drops! Super long POW ridge drown Tengu!!!! Absolutely incredible!! Today was definitely a top day of snowboarding for me. That spine line was one of the cooler lines I have ever snowboarded!!! Not that it already had been so great here, but today sealed the deal for a love in my heart for Japan. I am coming back every year for sure! Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 1.03.15 AM

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