Migration to Alaska and Last day at Mennehaha

About to hit the road!!! Going to make this one a quick one before I lose service for a bit. Shredded Mennehaha Basin area on Wednesday the 7th with Karl, Alex, and Jack! We took sled laps in the North facing trees on the lookers left ridge! Finally a POW day in Silverton! YES! Perfect Mennehaha day! We took about seven or eight laps each!! Karl just rode his sled all day and Alex, Jack, and I switched off driving our sled! The snow was not bottomless, but it was POW!!!!! Faceshots all day!! Every lap we took fresh tracks!! We dug a pit in the morning. North facing near tree line, SH: 110cm, New Snow: 25cm, ECT10PV SP Q1, 75cm of snow broke at depth hoar. Scary! Took the first couple laps safe, in small pitches, low angle start zones, and ski cutting our way down. Once we felt good about the snow it was game on!!! Such a good day! So much fun getting after it on the snowmobile! Finally!! Not enough service to put up a video or pic on the day… Can’t download. Check out my Instagram @kooshpow for the edit I made on the day! Marshell and I are hitting the road now! Leaving from Durango and headed to Monarch tonight. We are going to ski Monarch Ski Are tomorrow, then backcountry on Sunday, and cat skiing on Monday!! After that we are headed to Jackson! Going to use our Mountain Collective passes to ski Jackson Hole Ski Area for two days! If the snow is good we will stick around and do some backcountry days as well. After that we are going to Canada! Might stop at Stevens Pass and get some backcountry days in on the way! Definitely going to Revelstoke to ski two resort days there! Then we will hang around in British Columbia going where ever the snow is deepest and skiing backcountry until Feb 25th or so! From where ever we are in BC we will boogie up to Alaska to get to the Tsania Lodge by the 28th to start work cooking that good good gourmet for Valdez Heli Ski Guides!!!! The stoke is high!!!!! Time to go chase POWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

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