POW Days on Monarch Pass

Been kickin it on Monarch Pass for the past few days! We came up here to link up with the Bishop Bindings telemark crew! Marshell koosh is on the team! I am chillin in the bus right now, enjoying the fire, and cooking a huge pot of vegetable and rice soup!! Smells so good in the bus right now! Marshell and I hit the road on Friday night to get to Monarch Pass. We got in kind of late, parked in the Monarch Ski Area parking lot, and went straight to sleep. Woke up Saturday morning to the parking guy asking us to move the bus. It was no worries. He just wanted us to go where all the other buses and bigger vehicles park. First stepping out of the bus that morning was like what the fuck are we doing here… It was so bare, not really much pow anywhere. We slowly started our early morning. Marshell spotted the Bishop tent getting set up so we walked over to those guys. It was the Telefestivus at Monarch on Saturday! A bunch of tele skiers all at the resort!! Never been so surrounded by tele skiers!!! We walked back over to the bus for oatmeal, tea, and coffee! I sold coffee for the first time! I have been thinking about doing this in resort and pass parking lots in the winter in the bus!!! Finally did it! I made three bucks!!!! YES! A gallon of gas! I started kind of late walking around the parking lot going up to every car saying fresh coffee for a buck with my french press and thermos in my hand. Help me pay for my lift ticket!! People were stoked! It was dumping by this point and chairs were turning so people were in a rush, but I think overall this coffee idea will work well! Within like ten minutes of doing this Marshell came and found me and had a lift ticket for me!! Stoked!!! Thanks Bishop Bindings! There was like three or four inches that had fallen by the time we woke up to when we took our first chair lift up!! It was nuking all day so the snow just got deeper as the day went on! We lapped all morning super hard! Eventually the whole Bishop team was linked up! I was the only snowboarder on the day and there were like ten tele skiers!! We all skied a few laps together then got lunch. Marshell and I went back to the bus for lunch. I made a quick “chili’ with a can of pinto beans and a can of sliced tomatoes Marshell got from the food bank. We have so much food from the food bank! Headed back out with the Bishop crew. This time we did some hike-tos!! So fucking good man!!! The rest of the shots we skied in the afternoon were deeeeep POW laps!!! It was so great!! Hiking is always worth it!!! We went non stop till the chair lifts closed! Such a great day! We went down to this cabin Bishop rented out for the weekend for dinner. Had spaghetti with sausage and garlic bread!! Mad thanks to the Bishop guys! Getting back up the pass that night was a mission for Marshell and I. It was snowing all day so hard and was not stopping!!!! The roads were caked in POW! The parking lot we planned to park in had over a foot of snow in it with two foot snow banks. We were like okay lets go to the top of the pass and sleep there. Nope… Same thing. Tons of POW! Headed back down to the resort parking lot and still had huge snow banks and tons of POW. By this point I was so tired and ready for bed I just gunned it!! What are ya silly!! Three quarters to full throttle just gotta send her!!!!!!!!! It was insane! Raged the bus through the snow banks and up into the resort parking lot with the bus drifting!! Yeehaw!! Ahahah love those moments!

Woke up Sunday morning and it was super cold! Bluebird and POW everywhere!!!! YEEEEEA! The bus would not start it was so cold. Instead of getting the generator going we skied bummed it hard and plugged into the building we had the bus parked next to! Took about an hour and she started!! It was good timing the Bishop guys just rolled up the pass. We drove over to the parking lot we wanted from the night before. CDOT did work and cleared the lot. Most of the guys headed out before we got the bus started and up to the same lot as them. Dave, the owner of Bishop showed up. Marshell, him, and I skinned in and quickly found the Bishop crew. They had a kicker they were just getting done with. Marshell and I went to work. We skinned up the face across from the kicker. It was a low angled North facing tree run with tons of POW!!! Well over a foot of fresh maybe even two in spots!!!!! We lapped this zone! Skied four or five laps through the day!!! Could not stop it was so good! We went by the kicker to max a peanut butter sammy then got straight back to it!! Fresh tracks every run! LOVE THE BACKCOUNTRY! Splitboarding is the answer! All day we were getting sick camera shots! One dude was filming from across to get the photos! We went back down to the cabin at the end of the day! We had hamburgers and sausages for dinner!!! Thanks again Bishop team!!! Those guys got so many great photos!! One of the dudes was a photographer. Great photos!! The fresh POW led up to a fantastic day! One of those days!!! So goooood! Thank you snow gods!!!! Two POW days in a row!!!!! YEEEEEA! POWWWWWW! Went back up to the bus in the resort lot. Got the fire going, smoked a J, made an Insta post, and went to sleep.

Woke up around seven on Monday morning. I made tea and pancakes, while Marshell got the fire going. Staying in the resort lot is nice because you can go in and use the bathroom in the morning and stock up on water for the day. Monarch is a super chill area!! No one has bugged us at all! Marshell and the Bishop crew are cat skiing today. I tried to fill an empty seat, but unfortunately there was not one. That’s okay!! It is the name of the game as a ski bum! I am used to it. Always trying to fill that empty seat in a heli or cat!!!! No worries! I walked back over to the bus. I spotted a couple dead trees in the woods so I hiked in, grabbed them, and brought them back to the bus. I jammed some music and split firewood for about an hour or so! Got a fatty stack! We needed a restock!! Perfect timing before we head to Wolfie! After splitting wood I went for a ski!! Skinned from the bus up these super tight North facing trees that were are right behind the bus. It is the resort property line. I skinned up in the trees right next to the resort. It was about a twenty five minute skin. Super steep and deep so it was good to get that workout in! Good practice for AK too!!!! Super goofy skinning through tight trees. The shred down was really good! Nothing crazy and could not go too fast because of tightness, but it was POW! I skied the line right back down to the door of the bus!! Super chill! Got some tea and the fire going. Burned a J and then started a vegetable and rice stew! All the potatoes, onions, peppers, broth blocks, and rice were from the food bank!! Free food!!! I cleaned up the bus, uploaded the video from today, and made an edit while the stew cooked! And here I am now. Super full on soup! Just posted the edit to Instagram. Chillin haaaaaard! Feeling great! Got some tea I am about to drink and some chocolate to eat! Life is good!!!! It is dumping at Wolf Creek right now. I think we are going to head there tonight!! They are expecting about two feet today and tonight!!!! At least over a foot tonight! It is funny how we go to leave Colorado and it starts dumping!! I want to leave the state and get to Canada so bad to shred fatty pillow lines!!!!!!!!! But can not resist a fresh two foot dump at my favorite ski resort in Colorado that we are only an hour n a half away from!!!! Tomorrow is going to be gooood! Have not shredded Wolfie yet this year! So funny it’s snowing now… We will get some Canada skiing in before Alaska!!! Just not as much as hoped, but that is okay!! We have been doing lots of great things!!! Marshell should be back in an hour or so. I am going to plug the bus into this building again and get her heated up! Once he gets back we will probably pack up the bus and hit the road to Wolf Creek!!!! Pray to das snow gods!!!!!! The past few days have been incredible POW days!! Got to keep this up awww yea!!

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