Living Off the Radar

My friend Amanda is letting me use her hotspot right now to make this post!! I am sitting in a treehouse on Stevens Pass! A post soon to come on all the Stevens Pass shenanigans!!! Here is a post I wrote up a few days back about Jackson Hole and Wolf Creek I have not been able to get online to share! POWDER ON!

On the road! Just woke up from a nap. Marshell koosh is driving. We are cruising up Stevens Pass!! Yeeeea!! They got tons of snow! Going to stop at a dispensary to get some koosh! The past week has been so much fun!! On Tuesday we went to Wolf Creek! The POW was fat there! They got about two feet of fresh!! We went from Monarch. Forecast predictions showed fat POW at Wolfie so we went back down South! Pulled into the parking lot around 10pm on Monday night! Madison and her pup, Samsun, met up with us up there! We were woken up at like 5am to move the bus. No worries! Went back to sleep and woke up a couple hours later to shred! Jack, Logan, and Addison from Durango met us up there! Madison slightly tore her meniscus so could not shred, but wanted to live the bus life! All day it was incredible. We were sending it off of every cliff!! It was so good to get a Wolf Creek day in!!! I also put first tracks down Alberta Peak and led the bootpack up! YEEEEEA! It was one of those days were I ate shit off of everything I sent! HA! Still gunna send her! Went for everything, but could not stomp shit that day… New board. Still getting used to her. Not used to such a big board. Learning that I do not need to sit back on this big board. Kept back slapping all day. Just gotta stomp and keep riding and let the board do the work. Regardless it was a fantastic day!! Much needed Wolf Creek day! After the day Madison, Addison, Marshell, and I chilled in the bus, maxed food, drank beers, and smoked koosh! After a couple hours we headed down the pass to Pagosa Spring to go to the hot springs! It was locals day so we got that eight dolla holla!! So nice to sit in the hot springs after a day like that! After the hot springs we went to dinner at Tequilas! Enchiladas!!!! Perfect day! So satisfied! We were in a bit of a powdicament. Torn between going to Silverton to sled lap the fresh or hit the road to Jackson. We decided Jackson was the move and slept right at the end of Pagosa Springs so we could wake up and hit the road in the morning. Slept great that night! Needed to catch up on sleep. Can’t stop won’t stop!

We woke up Wednesday morning and started our drive to Jackson. Took our time. No rush at all. And of course on the way our taillights went out…. This is now the third year in a row on the day we leave for Jackson we have taillight issues. Such a coincidence!!! We stopped at a gas station in Craig, Colorado to de-weed the bus before we hit Wyoming. Craig is about thirty minutes to the border. While we were working with all the koosh a police officer knocked on our door. He was very nice. Someone had called us in that our taillights were out. He gave us no tickets, said to go to walmart and try to replace the fuse, and if it does not work to stay in town and get it fixed in the morning. We cruised over to Walmart. Tried replacing the fuse and light bulb. No luck… Popped… We stayed in the Walmart parking lot that night. Woke up super early and got to an auto shop first thing in the morning. It was a super simple problem. The circuit breaker shorted out and just needed to be reset. The mechanic said it was likely from snow building up on the cords of the trailer. Super koosh! Back on the road Thursday morning! We pulled into Jackson around 4pm!! Met up with Kaisa and Cooper! I know those guys from the Tsania Lodge up in Alaska. Kaisa was a lodge employee and Cooper is a heli pilot! They took us out to dinner, hooked it up with a shower, laundry, and got all of our electronics charged! Ski bums understand the need! They were hooked up by the heli company Cooper is flying for with a super nice apartment!!! Dirt bags living large!! At the end of the night Marshell and I headed over to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to sleep in the parking lot. We stayed in the Stilson lot outside of Teton Village.

Woke up around seven or so. A little bit after waking up a guy came by and told us we can not camp there. Jackson is no bueno for ski bums… If you are not rich dropping cash in their town they could give two fucks about you. Kind of lame for such a cool ski town. We ate breakfast in the bus and took the shuttle over to J Hole! Got the Mountain collective pass so we were set on two days at Jackson Hole! One day at Jackson is $149 and that is the exact price I paid for a Mountain Collective Pass!! So koosh! One day paid for the ticket! The first day was a pretty sick day. Not knowing a resort always makes for a slow start, but by the end of the day we were shredding POW! It was snowing all afternoon! About four inches of fresh by the time the day was over!! Nice little reset to end the day! We started the morning off with Rendezvous Bowl!! That was sick! The best lap on the day was a hike to Casper Bowl!! Shredded fresh deep powder over there! It was closed the day before so it had fat POW stacked up! We went to go send Corbets Couloir to end the day and when we got to the gate it was closed!! NOOOOOOO!!! I was so bummed! That was the one goal of Jackson I wanted to hit! Oh well… Was not meant to be. At the end of the day we headed back into town to Kaisa and Coops to pick up the rest of my laundry from the night before. Again we were in a huge powdicament. To hit the road to Stevens Pass or to stay and shred J Hole another day. The original plan was to leave that night because Stevens was getting 40+ inches, but we ended up deciding to stay. We figured use our free lift ticket, let the storm stack in Stevens, the pass would probably close and it did, it was dumping in Jackson still, and it was nice hanging with Kaisa and Cooper! That night we stayed in the Super 8 parking lot. We were going to stay in the Snow King lot, but there were signs everywhere saying no parking 3am-7am. Lameeeeee!! Previously had stayed in the Super 8 lot in the jeep so we headed back over there. It was koosh! No one fucked with us.

On Saturday morning I woke up at seven and started the bus right up. Drove over to the Stilson lot at J Hole and went into the transit center to use the bathroom and grab free coffee. I texted Cooper in the morning “Powwwww” and he was down to come out with us!! He came and picked us up from the lot and we drove over to the Ranch lot and parked for free because we had three people. We went up the tram for the first lap! This was the fourth tram ride of the trip!! The Jackson Hole tram is dope!! Holds up to one hundred people!! The day before the tram line was not bad at all, but on Saturday it was fucked. Took about an hour… We only did that once. I wanted to drop Corbets so bad! We were with Cooper though and were not about to ditch him first lap. It was his first time skiing in over a year because he blew out his knee. He ripped it!!! Cooper is a telemark skier as well. Been rippin with tele skiers a lot lately. Not that anybody cares…AHAHAHA! Not stressed about no Corbets versus the day before! It was a great day riding with Copper and the POW was so fat all day everywhere we went. The first lap of the day was in Rendezvous Bowl!! A bit variable where I skied, but for the most part it was POW! Marshell was taking over the head POW turns on his lap!!! We worked our way across the resort. Dropping fresh tracks all over the place into bowls! We hiked up Headwall as soon as they opened it. There were so many people hiking up it was insane! A line of ants up the mountain. I snowboarded a sick line!! Dropped in and got a bunch of super deep fresh POW turns and then sent a fat ass cliff at the end!!! The cliff was pretty big about thirty feet or so. Stomped it!!! Landed it so smooth and threw a butter at the end of the line!! Felt so good!! Needed that shit!! We hiked back up Headwall again it was so good. Cooper crushed it!! This time we went way skiers right on the Headwall. We all found fresh tracks way right!! I went as far right as I could and skied the ridge!! Japan style! It worked! I got the freshies to myself doing that. People always ski the gullies and fall line… Stay high and there is fresh POW to be had!! It was about one at this point and we were all hungry as fuck from hiking a bunch. Went to the Casper Restaurant mid mountain. Had a PB n J that I made in the bus in the morning! I ended up pulling a ski bum move and asking the table with the family and kids who did not eat all their fries and chicken tenders if they were going to throw it away if I could have it! The dad was stoked to give it to me!! I used to be scared to ask people for food before they threw it away. Now I do not care what so ever!! No hesitation! No shame!! After lunch we shredded a couple more laps on the far end of the mountain then called it a day. Got all around Jackson Hole in two days!! I really loved that resort! Could only imagine what it would be like on a full on deeeeeeep deep POW day! I could see myself living in Jackson for a month or so. I wish it was more ski bum friendly… That would be what holds me back. But the Teton mountains man!!! So fresh! The past three years I have came here I have skied something different every time! Backcountry in Grand Teton National Park and Teton Pass the last two years and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort this year!! Love this terrain and snow!! We split from Cooper in the parking lot. Thank you so much for everything Cooper and Kaisa! It was great to ski with Cooper!! We packed up the bus and hit the road to Washington!! We drove straight through. Took us about fifteen hours. I drove for most of it till about four in the morning and Marshell finished it off!! Super koosh bus life!! Finally living how I want! The bus is in full effect! Stevens Pass is looking fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!! There is fat POW everywhere! It is stacked up!!!! PILLOWS!!!! Pillows everywhere! Peaks caked in POW! YES!!!!! Looks like we are in for a gooood time!! Posting up in the Yodeline Lot for the next few days! Come knockin! POWWWWWW!

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