The Great White Pow Cow

Posted up on Stevens Pass! Wood burning stove crankin! It is dumping outside!! Shredded over a foot of fresh today, 8-12in forecasted for tonight, and another 11-17in during the day tomorrow!!!! (Wrote this post before bed on Saturday night, the 24th.) THE GREAT WHITE POW COW!!!!!! We have been here since Sunday. Going to roll through each day! Using a hotspot again to make this post. Once I have good service I will make a post with a bunch of pictures and videos from the past couple weeks!

Sunday: We showed up around 10am on Sunday. Marshell koosh and I drove straight through from Jackson. I pulled the first driving shift and went till 4am and woke him up to finish it off. Super koosh bus travel! When we got here the POW was fat! Forty one inches is what was forecasted! There was no parking on the pass when we first got here because it was slammed with all the Seattlites. We cruised down to Cashmere and hit up The Happy Crop for some herb! They had ounces for $75 and grams of hash for $20! Headed back up the pass around 2pm. Found a spot in the Yodeline lot!! Cedric stopped by the bus as he was leaving for work. Cedric is the man! He owns a tree house up here on the pass!! We met him last year hanging out in the parking lot at night with a bunch of liftys. He found out we were headed up to AK and sleeping in a Jeep so he invited us in. His tree house is sick!! So dope! Not no half asked tree house! It’s a home!! We went down to his place and the rest was history! He is one of those people I met and am like yea we are going to be friends for a long time! We chilled with him for over a week last year and here we are now again this year doing the same thing!! I shredded two laps that evening!! Marshell was exhausted from driving. I dug a pit when I first toured up. Went up Yodeline area. I performed a Compression Test and had it broke 105cm down on five taps from the wrist. North facing, about thirty degree slope or so, Q2 sudden planar with some effort. Pretty sketchy… That weak layer is pretty much solid ice from a rain event. Besides that the 105cm on top was all new snow! Fuck yea! First lap I ripped a pillow line! So koosh! Super fun! Like five or six pillows one after the other all sexy like on this face! No way I could resist! It was so good and the sun was basically down at this point, but I had to do another! Hiked way fast up and dropped a line I skied previously last year! Practically did that one in the dark! Way stoked to be on Stevens Pass!!

Monday: Slept in a little bit on Monday morning. Cedric came over around 11 or so. He was going to go to the resort, but changed his mind and wanted to come tour with us. Monday was the anniversary to the group of skiers who passed away in a large avalanche a few years back. Jah bless! Cedric was friends with them so it was a powerful day for him! We went up the North side of the pass and shredded Stormy. The snow was deep!!! What we came to Stevens Pass for was here!! Cedric was like, “You fuckers! Two years in a row you hit it perfectly here the best time of the season!” Fuuuuck yea! POW CHASING! The first lap was a blast! We skied it in pitches and Cedric n I sent a fat ass cliff! Marshell had really bad tele toe bang so he was done after the first lap. Cedric and I went up for another! We boogied on the second one! Hiked super fast and straight bombed the line because he had to make it to work on time! Made it! Went back to the lodge after shredding to link up with Marshell. Got hooked up with free hot chocolate and ski bummed somebodies plate of fries they did not eat!!! Lodge life! Ski bum life! We headed back down to the bus, ate dinner, and got to bed pretty early.

Tuesday: Tuesday was way sick!! It was Cedric, his buddy Ivan, and I. We slayed the great white pow cow! We took three laps. Hiked up the North side of the pass and dropped the backside on all the North facing stuff. We dug a pit when we first got up there. We performed an Extended Colum Test and it broke 75cm down at 17 hits (7 from elbow). No propagation, North East facing, thirty five degree slope. Weak layer at 32cm from rain for about twenty minutes and heavy winds during big storm that was sloughing on steep terrain, but manageable. Persistent slab at 115cm down. That same frozen layer. That layer I was able to pull clean away from the pit with little effort just to feel it out. Felt good about the snow pack! Definitely concerned about the layer at 115cm, but ready to send! The first line we shredded was sick! All splitboarders this day! We dropped a massive cliff pow face! It was caked in snow everywhere! I stomped my line and rode it out all super nice like! We all mobbed down after that together! The snow was amazing! So deep! Pillows everywhere! So much fun! When we got to the bottom we were all so amped! There was this big ass pillow on top of a boulder where we transitioned. Ivan and I climber up it and jumped off! Cedric realized he lost his pin to his binding. Total bummer! He made shift one with zip ties and the metal wickets you get for your lift tickets. It broke a couple times on the way up and needed to be readjusted, but made it! We starred at the rock face with shots and pillows all over it on our hike up. There was a line on it that was irresistible! HA! Even Cedric was like fuck this pin I amm still gunna send her! Too funny man! We got to the top of the line and there was a fat pillow into the line. I sent the shit out of it!!! Went huge into this couloir type shot and mobbed it! FAAAAAT POW! So much snow! Ripped the main shot and went to send another pillow at the end of it and I was going so fast I ate it… Shoulda rode it out, but whatever! The whole main part of the line was so sick! Fat POW line on Stevens Pass!! We shredded down more skiers left of the first lap and took fresh tracks back to the same transition point. We party mobbed the second part so fast together! It was a blast! On the way back up Cedric broke his wire wicket pin. For Mark 3 he made a pin out of a tree branch!!! Hilarious! It worked for a while, then it broke, and for Mark 4 he shaved down a tree branch with a knife to be a super tight fit into the pin hole! This one got him all the way back up the mountain!! So funny!! Great spirits for such a shitty situation! And still kept shredding! On the hike up we starred at the face again. There is a real couloir shot in it. It is so beautiful. Ivan was like “look at that little sloot”, had us crackin up!!! We crossed the lake up there pretty late and hurried up for a Stormy lap back down towards Stevens Pass. Cedric was going to just shred down the road so Ivan and I hiked super fast to the top of Stormy. We were transitioning over there and Cedric comes hobbling up with one ski in hand and kicking on another ski screaming POW! AHAHAHHAHAH! YES! For the love of POW! We all got transitioned super fast. Cedric had his metal wicket riding pin system in play!! We dropped in at like 6:10pm. Pushing dark! So much fun! Could barely see and it was just fat pow! Cedric and I mobbed close to each other all the way down and sent a fat cliff midline together! Pretty funny riding in that dark of conditions! We made it down to the PCT just in time to transition to skins and it was dark on the hike out!!! Full day!! Amazing day!! Those are the days I live for! We stayed over in the tree house that night. Had some refried bean and cheese quesadillas, uno fun guy, and a beer for dinner! Also a crazy good night!! Chillin on that for a while. Tuesday was incredible! So much fun! Love this lifestyle! Amazing day shreddin till the sun goes down!!

Wednesday: Late start on Wednesday morning. We were thinking maybe snowmobile, but in the morning changed our minds. It would not benefit us or be any faster to rip the sled was my thought. Cedric and I went back up to the same zone from the day before. We brought Cedrics girlfriend’s dog up with us. Her name is Mia Rose and it was her first time!! She shredded!!!! Cedric dropped a shot right next to our second couloir shot from Tuesday. Mia did not follow. She was scared. First time skiing. I skied into the shot trying to get her to come. No luck. My line was siiiiick! So much fucking snow! Blowing up mad clouds on every turn! Super fun! I dropped in and shredded skiers left of fall line and it was freshies!!!! We ran into some Stevens Pass folk on the hike up and they joined us for the first line. Ben ended up having to pick Mia up and setting her into the start zone to get her going. She went once she was in the start zone! It was awesome! She kind of started off slow, but once she realized what was going on she bombed it!!! So cool! She loved it! Loves skiing POW! We went all the way down to that same huge boulder just going skiers left of yesterday to get more fresh tracks! It was great!!! Mia ripped it! On the way back up we named the shots on the face we had been riding. The cliff drop start zone we called “Pinless on a POW Day”, the second small couloir shot we named “Mia Rose” and the big couloir shot we named “Little Sloot”. We boogied back up and dropped a Stormy lap so Cedric could get back to work in time. It was great! Found a fresh shot in the trees! Once again Mia ripped it! It was so cool! The three of us were snowboarding together! There was one point where Mia and I were right next to each other. I looked over at her, she looked over at me, we were both going so fast, she had the biggest smile on her face, and I got in front of her and put her in the white room!!!!! It was sooooo cool! Shredding POW with a dog who was absolutely loving it!!!!! I will never forget that moment! We stayed at the tree house again that night. I passed out for a nap right when we got there. Woke up to Amanda coming over. Her and Cedric are together. We hung out and talked. I made chili for dinner with canned chili with beans, can corn, can tomato soup, shell noodles, and veggi noodles with a fancy shave cheese on top! Daaaaank ski bum scrap! Marshell, Amanda, and I all passed out on the couch before Cedric got off work. Woke up to Cedric getting home. We heated up his food, took some bong rips, and passed out for the night!

Thursday: Thursday morning I woke up at seven. Started coffee, banana pancakes, and can corn beef hash! We started off to an early start, but Cedric fell back asleep on the couch… No worries. We were moving by 11:30am or so. I brought up the camera on Thursday. My thought was it was the last chance to film with blue skies before the storm rolled in. Marshell koosh and I would have been filming a bunch, but he has been out all these days because of his toes so we were not getting film at all. We had a great day filming and taking photos. I got a couple good slash shots of him and he got a couple good hiking shots of me. It was a fun day of hiking around and messing with the camera. I do not do that often so it was nice to put the camera to use a bit. For not trying to hard and having very little time we got some great photos!!! We headed back down and hiked back up for a Stormy lap so Cedric koosh could get to work on time. We skied down Stormy, both of us very exhausted. Whole body sore, especially the legs, and toes hurt from hiking. Both of us. Big day after big day feeling the same way. Can’t stop won’t stop! Awesome day in the backcountry! Amanda, Marshell, and I went down into Plain to Amanda’s house that evening. She hooked it up with a shower!! We helped her move a dresser from her storage unit to her house so she also bought us a beer!! We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Leavenworth! After we went to a tap room and had a couple beers. It was a super koosh night. Pow day after pow day! Nice to go down and grab a shower!!! Cedric came down after work and we had a second dinner! Amanda made pork chops they got fresh from a pig they bought from a farm. They were so good! I’m talking like one inch think pork chops!!! YUUUM! We smoked a J, decided tomorrow we would take off to rest up for the fatty POW day Saturday was going to be, and went to bed.

Friday: Slept in a bit on Friday. Cedric and Amanda brought laundry to the mat. Cedric brought my thermals and socks for me! Super koosh! Those guys are so nice! Mad thanks! I made banana pancakes with six mashed up bananas, four eggs, and oats. Very good! All natural!!!! A friend from Durango taught me that one! We headed back up the pass and took it easy in the bus that evening. Got rest and went to bed super early. Perfect down day! And much needed for the body! Went to bed with it nuking on late Friday night.

Saturday: Woke up on Saturday morning at 7:30am to fat POW outside!! There was like a foot in the front window of the bus! YES! Stoke was high! Feeling great and rested!! Made pancakes, oatmeal, tea, and coffee for breakfast. Cedric was going to come over for breakfast, but partied the night before and was sleeping. I walked over to the tree house with a thermos of coffee and woke him up. Took him a minute to get moving, but he did!! There was a little over a foot of fresh POW to be had. Really quick before we dipped we turned the bus around to prepare for leaving in a busy and snowy parking lot. We hiked up the Yodeline area. Cedric took us to a spot we had never been before. Local stash! It was incredible today!!!! So deep!! So many pillows! So many faceshots! Awesome amazing fantastic deep powder tree skiing!! Stevens pass sucks… You don’t want to come here. Don’t come here…. HA! It was such a good lap man!! All of us were hollering a ton riding with each other! The snow was so deeeeeeeeep! YES!!!! Small slough on steeps, but manageable. Cedric had to go to work after the first lap. Marshell and I went for another! He just alpine skied today and did not drop the knee for tele so it would not hurt his toes. On the second lap we took photos and filmed videos skiing down in pitches. It worked great!!! In just one lap we got so many sick photos and videos!! Of course the incredibly deep powder helps!!!! The shots were beautiful!! The last pitch of the second lap we party mobbed together and did not worry about film. POW POW!!! It was so good we had to go for a third lap!! Hiked back up for another! The sun was going down as we were shredding this last lap today! It was so much fun! We skied skiers right of the line previous. We saw there was an awesome shot to be had and we got it perfectly! Beautiful tree skiing! The bottom pitch we went way skiers left and found such a cool line!! Pillow after pillow after pillow after pillow!! I was so stoked! Screaming a ton!!!!! Maaaaad smiles and laughing! Marshell and I were so stoked walking back to the bus!!!!!!! For dinner tonight I made spinach dip fettuccini with can cream of celery soup and three cans of tuna!!! With a side of baked beans!!! Ski bum slop! Or in gourmet words, Ahi Tuna fettuccini with a spinach white sauce! Ahahahah! POWWWWWWWWW! Today was another one of those days I live for! It was so good! The snow is incredible out there! It is storming super hard right now! Very windy and nuking snow! The plan was to leave tonight. Well the OG plan was to be here for a couple days then go to Canada, but just like last year once we got her we said fuck Canada eh and stayed here! But anyways yea tonight we were going to leave and start heading to Alaska. Buuuuuuut it is dumping! Over a foot of fresh today, 8-12in tonight, 11-17 tomorrow! POWORITIES! My poworities are so straight! No way I am leaving this much snow. I have to be on Thompson Pass to work for Valdez Heli Ski Guides on the 28th. We are going to shred deep pow tomorrow, probably Monday, then hit the road Monday afternoon, and drive straight through for forty eight hours switching driving and sleeping to make it there by the night of the 28th!!! FOR THE LOVE OF POW!!!!!!!! WE HAVE FOUND THE GREAT WHITE POW COW AND IT IS TIME TO SLAY IT!!!!! POWWWWWWWWWWWW

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