Got in the heli a couple days ago! Went up with two guides, Matt and Jed, and their partners, Halina and Ally. It was amazing! I won it a few nights ago at the bar! There was a band playing and the owner of the Tsania did a raffle ticket drawing! All proceeds went to the band. It was a dollar per ticket and you could buy a max of five. So I threw down five bucks and my ticket got pulled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!! Thank you Jeff for helping this ski bum out and helping out the band and thank you band for being there!! The drop was so sick! We skied “The Wall”. It is a huge iconic big line classic on Thompson Pass. It was huge! Big open face with kind of spine like and rib features. It was so rowdy! This is a face you see the pros skiing in movies!! So grateful! At the heli pad before we went up our guide, Matt, came up to Halina and myself and was like “Alright, you guys are both really good snowboards and this is a classic scenario of being on the ground on a heli pad and then being on top of a huge AK line in a few minutes.” He just said to be cool and remember we are good snowboarders when we are in it! And sure enough next thing you know we are on top of a huge Alaska line. Flying up to it I was like oh shit that looks big. It was obviously steep no questions asked. Once we landed on top of it and the helicopter flew away I was feeling way good about it. It just feels like no matter how steep it is once strapped in I feel good. Just ski on the white that is in front of you!!! POW! We skied it twice! The first one we shredded was skiers left. The traverse across the top was a bit scary. Very steep and variable snow. Also on my new Chronic Crazyhorse!!! First shred on the new board was a huge technical line. I was a bit hesitant on the traverses to trust the new board. Made the traverse over then was on top of the shot to shred. The first two turns were jump turns and then two more variable snow turns and then I was on POW! It was so sick! Jed dropped first and I followed. The line was huge and steep! The furthest left you could go was death. HA! Huge cliff off the mountain. So we skied a bit away from that and it was incredible! Skied the face down to this peanut like feature that we got on top of to ski around the bergschrund. It was amazing!! So stoked! Skied up to the heli and watched everyone else ski their lines! And then we went up for another!!! The second lap was so fucking rad! We traversed skiers right this time. Once again a bit scary. Traversed off the top to the right over the top of this cliff band then back left bellow the cliff to get on this rib/spine feature. It was so sick!!!! Matt and Halina dropped first. They skied kind of in the gut of the face fall line. Right before I dropped, Jed said I could traverse over to the rib if I wanted and I way wanted to!!! Getting on it was amazing!!!! It was almost like a big spine that you did not want to ski off one side of it, but could be right on the edge blowing POW off on my heelside turns! It was incredible!! So fucking incredible!!!! No tracks in front of me!! Huge AK open face!!! YEEEEEEEES!!!!! Finally!! I was so amped at the bottom! Mad high fives, hugs, and smiles! We were all stoked! Made the season!!!! Just like that! All the waiting worth it. All the shitty days of shit snow and no skiing…. WORTH IT!! I love this place!! These opportunities do not present themselves unless I am up here working for Valdez Heli Ski Guides. I think I will be coming back. Season totally worth it! On the fly back they let me sit in the front seat of the helicopter! Whaaaaaaat?!?!? Life is amazing! Front seat of the heli after skiing a huge line! So koosh!!!! Such an incredible morning!! Best five bucks I have ever spent. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! I LOVE HELICOPTERS!!! Full on addicted and never going to stop!!!!!

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