May POW Day in AK!

May 2nd was a POW day!!! Finally a POW day in Alaska!! Only had to wait two months… It dumped on Thompson Pass! The day all the employees left the Tsania Lodge it was snowing! It snowed for about a week straight! Super moist down low, POW above 4,000ft. During the storm we went up and skied a couple times. Each time it was super flat light and very wet snow. Then the sun finally broke! THE WAITING GAME!! It was such a good day!! Marshell, Cedric, Dylan, and myself hiked up and above “Nick’s Happy Valley”. It was about a three and a half mile hike. Gained about 3,300ft. Very hot hike in the sun. Felt great!! Lead the charge up the gully setting a fresh skin track the whole way. Of course right when we got to the top, snowmobiles came ripping up. We took two laps. The first one back to the top of the gully. It was amazing. Got to jump a little rock feature and plenty of faceshots were had!!!!! High stoked! Much needed. We transitioned and went for another. The second lap we skied the glacier into the gully and rode the gully down to the bottom. So much fun!!!! Both laps!!! POWWWWW! Felt great to take turns in fresh snow!! Faceshots!! Going fast!!! YES!!! Snow is great above 4,000ft. If you can get to Thompson Pass, GO!!!!!!!!! All time! So much snow!! Beautiful!

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