Alaska to Colorado!

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.10.05 PMBack in Durango, CO! Drove the bus back down from Valdez, AK. It took us four days. We boogied, but also took our time stopping when we wanted to. After the Tsania Lodge closed we chilled down in town at the harbor on a boat for a week. That was super cool!! The boat was crazy nice! Downstairs was a hallway with rooms and bunk beds. The main floor was like a living room/dining room. There was a couch, TV, Xbox, bumpin sound system, big table, and a commercial kitchen. Up on the top floor of the boat was a helicopter pad and a hot tub!!! It was so sick!! Ski bum livin large!! Thanks Tom for having the Chronic crew, friends, and myself! We left town on May 3rd. First stop, not far at all, was at the Tsania Lodge on Thompson Pass. We wanted to stop one last time to say peace to our friend Blake, who was still care taking the lodge. We talked, burned one, and then were on our way. We hung out for a while and got out of there pretty late. I started the drive. Went all the way through the night and drove for twelve hours or so. In Glennallen, about an hour and a half from Thompson Pass, we stopped for gas, a quick paint job, and duct tape. Had to cover up the SCHOOL BUS on the front and back of the bus with duct tape and painted the activity lights black. In Canada it is not okay to have SCHOOL BUS or any other school related things on the bus. We reached the border in the early morning. That night was the first night in my life that I saw light the whole time. Last light was at like 10:30-11PM on Thompson Pass and we were driving North from there. It was not super bright out, but the blue glow out in the distance never went away. The sunrise that morning was beautiful!! Started out with deep reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and purples! Then as the sun came up it turned to a super vibrant pink! Beautiful!! When I am driving through the night I start to get a little tired, then the sun comes up. It is like a restart. Especially when the sunrise is as good as this one. I kept driving for a few more hours then Marshell took over. I passed out in my bed in the back of the bus for a good chunk of the day. While I was sleeping the boys stopped in Whitehorse. There is a gas station on the edge of town with your fill up that give you popcorn or coffee for free. We stop here every time! I want to say it is the first gas station near Whitehorse as you are coming into town from Alaska side or last from Canada side. Woke up a couple hours out from Watson Lake, Yukon. Stayed awake till we got there. The Tags gas station in Watson Lake is the shit!!!! It is like a grocery store, restaurant, and gas station. My first year this gas station saved me from running out of gas. I was on empty for over twenty miles and found good ole Watson Lake. This year too, this gas station had our back. Close call in the bus, but not as close as that first year in the jeep. Across the street is the Sign Post Forest! It is a park with signs from all over the world posted up on trees!! There are 90,000 different signs! Well worth the stop if you are driving the AlCan! The AlCan is the Alaska Canada highway. I went back to sleep after we left Watson Lake. I got woken up to us getting to our next stop! Liard River Hot Spring! Definitely my favorite stop of the drive every year!! The Liard Hot Springs are right off the highway. You park in the day use are and take a five minute walk down a boardwalk over swampy land to the hot spring! It is a giant pool that has been developed, but still really has the middle of nowhere in the woods hot spring feel. STOP HERE!! Take the time to soak for ten minutes if you are in a rush or chill for hours if not. In the winter and spring you do not have to pay. I think it is like five bucks in the summer. There is a sign that says it closes at 10PM. Not true… Maybe it is supposed to, but you can definitely kick it later. In the pool, lookers right is where the hot spring is. The water is so hot over there!!! I love it! As you work your way away from that spot the water goes from hot to warm. At the very end there is a creek you can adventure down. It gets colder and watch out for bears!! Totally worth roaming through the water down this if your feeling adventurous. In the parking lot we ran into a fellow Coloradan! His name was Joe, from Vail, on his way up to AK for work. We introduced ourselves, talked, and then he was like “You guys need any weed by chance?” We were like hell yeeeeeea!!! And he busted out a hash pen. We puffed and went over to the Pow Bus to show him the home. He was super intrigued and stoked! I ended up making curry carrot ramen for all of us! We ate dinner together, smoked a little more koosh, and parted ways. Great to meet ya Joe! I started driving again from here. Went super long like eighteen hours or something like that! I do not know what it is, but if I start driving late and go through the night I can go into the next day no problem.  I got to Fort Nelson, British Columbia at about four in the morning. Drove around town for like a half hour to find out all the gas stations were closed!! Could not even use a card. So we posted up at a gas station and took a nap till 5:30AM. Woke up, got some gas, and onward! Cedric and Marshell stayed asleep. I stopped at Tim Hortons after gas. Got some coffee and Tim Bits. Tim Hortons is like the Dunkin Donuts of Canada. Tim bits are like munchkins. Love stopping at Tims! TIMS!!!!!!!! It is our source of WiFi in Canada. I looked over some emails, shot out some texts to family, and looked at mountain bikes. We rolled out of Ft Nelson around seven. I drove for a lot of the day. Stopped in Ft St John for gas, lunch, and WiFi. You really start getting into the Northern Canadian Rockies at this point in the drive. On Pine Pass we stopped at Powder King Mountain Resort. Powder King looks dope!! It is only open Thursday-Sunday. On the way up we thought it was a closed and abandoned resort. It was caked in POW! And no one to be seen. Now we know why. We pulled into the resort. It was sick! Total ski bum community resort. We met this family that was staying in their tiny home. There was a lot of tiny homes! A few school buses were used for homes!! It was so cool! I would love to ski here one day. On a powder Thursday… HA! Even if you are not skiing, stop and check out the area! Really cool tiny homes! I drove all day. We stopped at another Tims. The three of us ate Tim Bits and used Wifi! Marshell and Cedric drove through the night. We got to the Canadian American border around eight in the morning. Into Washington we went! Back in the lower 48! We drove to Burlington and stopped at a Panera Bread for breakfast. Gift cards are great! Thanks mom! While we were in Panera I bought a mountain bike!!! Got a YT Capra Al Comp 27 XL!! Super stoked on that!! Should be here any day now!! After Panera we stopped at a dispensary. Love legal and cheap states! We got three joints for fifteen bucks! One super strong gram J with distillate infused and two more of some other really good herb. We got to Stevens Pass not too long after that! So weird being on Stevens when there is not fat POW everywhere. I am used to Stevens Pass with so much snow everywhere. It was so weird! We stopped at Cedric’s treehouse! So weird without tons of snow! Such a trip! Hung out there for thirty minutes or so and headed down the pass to Plain. We dropped Cedric off in Plain at his girlfriend’s, Amanda, house. He surprised her there. She had no idea he was coming home. We ate some mac and cheese there then got back on the road. I started the drive back for the final stretch! A couple hours out from dropping Cedric off we stopped at a farm. There was tons of stuff at the farm to buy. We got some fresh apples and pears. Delicious!! There are lots of farms along the highway in Washington. If you got the time, stopped, check it out, and spend some money. At about two or three in the morning I pulled over at a rest stop in Oregon a couple hours away from Idaho. I was way too tired to keep driving. Marshell also was exhausted so we caught a few hours of sleep. He woke up around six or so and started driving on. I took back over a couple hours away from Salt Lake. When we were in Salt Lake we stopped at a In N Out Burger!!! Always have to hit up In N Out when passing one! Love In N Out!!! A friend I met in Japan, Blake, met us there for lunch. We sat down inside, ate, and chatted catching up talking about our POW seasons. Great to see Blake! First milkshake in a few months too!!!! YES! From Salt Lake we headed South. A few hours later we stopped in Moab to see Monte. It was so good to see him! We went to one of his friends house and hung out for an hour or so smoking koosh and catching up. It started to get late and we wanted to make it to Durango that night so we got back on the road. The last stretch was good! Nice to stop in Moab before. I got coffee in Montecillo and raged on the drive. We got back to Durango at 3AM on the dot!!! Great drive! Good to be back!! Did not want to leave Alaska at all, but oh well. Time for some Silverton skiing!!! Then up to Denver to help the kid brother, Kevin, move out of his apartment and into the bus. He just quit his job at UPS as an industrial engineer to start traveling! We will head back down to Durango in a week or so then off to California to surf, beach hop, and go to concerts!! POW season is coming to an end, but lots of amazing travels ahead!!!! Hopefully I can get a little more snowboarding in before it is full on summer! Either way life is good! Ski bum summer mode time!! Keep traveling till the money is gone!! POWWWWW

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