Silverton POW. Denver. St Mary Alice POW.

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0233.JPGWent up to Silverton the day after I got back from Alaska. It was Karl, Julien, Marshell, and I. We took up Karl’s and Julien’s snowmobiles. Started the day early. Left Durango at 6am. Parked the trucks at the top of Red Mountain Pass and unloaded the sleds there. The ride up the access road on the East side of the pass was doable, but some spots had mud and water. Right before getting into US Basin we had to cross a creek that looked more frozen then she was. Julien and I were on his sled. When we went over the top of it the ice broke and the whole sled was in water!!! He punched it out of there right away!! Super funny! We got into US Basin at a great time and lapped the shit out of the basin! The snow was perfect corn!! We skied the Northeast face of the basin. Started conservative and went bigger and bigger as the day went on. We ended up sending “Koosh Peak”! On the topo map the mountain does not have a name. It is just labeled 12,957ft. So a few years back I started calling it “Koosh Peak” in my Avy 2 course. We were able to drive the snowmobiles just shy of the summit!! Marshell and I bootpacked the rest! Great ride! So beautiful to be up on the peak!! You really feel like you’re on top of the world on a peak in the San Juan Mountains!!! She skied so smooth!! Lots of fun turns had bak to the lapping point in the basin!! I went for a second lap on it! We explored deeper into the basin back behind Koosh Peak as well!! We lapped hard! Got a lot of snowboarding in! I was using my Chronic Crazyhorse! Love that board! Also got some good neckin in!!! Perfect bluebird day in the Silverton backcountry! We called it at about noon. The snow started to get very wet. Good to be back!DSCN2775

After being in the San Juans for a couple days I headed up to Denver to help the kid brother, Kevin, move out of his apartment and into the bus! My dad and mom came into Denver as well to see us and help out a bit. Always a great time with the family! While I was up there, Kevin and I snowboarded St Mary Alice. St Mary Alice is just outside of Denver by Idaho Springs. It is a great summer shred option!! I have never seen som much snow up there. I also have never went in May… It was my mom, brother, and I who went up there. We took the POW Bus!! My mom was the one who wanted to do the hike! And of course I was like I am bringing my snowboard!! The hike from the parking lot is about .7-.8 miles. Super short and straight up. Then you are at a beautiful lake with snow surrounding it. It was a beautiful day. We had so much fun! Once we got to the lake Kevin and I hiked on for another twenty minutes and shredded some CORNPOWWWW! What a blast! The snow was slushy! SMEAR!! We were all steezed up with goofy hats, shorts, tshirt, and lays on! Kevin and I got lots of turns in back down to our madre!! Summer shredding!!!!!! YES!!IMG_0803

Might be the last ski of the season. I am sure I will get some random days in, but the kid bro is in the bus and it is summer mode time!! Love snowboarding!! What a koosh season!!! So much amazing travel and POW!! Very grateful ski bum!!! Follow me on Instagram @kooshpow for all the summer adventures! And of course, random POW vids and pics!!DCIM100MEDIADJI_0231.JPGIMG_0815DSCN2773DSCN2758IMG_0832IMG_0824img_0808.jpgDSCN2786img_0806.jpg

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