Big Sur and Nacimiento-Fergusson Road

DSCN3001Big Sur!!! Oh my Big Sur! Unreal! Big Sur is beautiful!! Mountains right along the coastline! We drove the bus in from the East side off of HWY 101 to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road. From this direction you drive through Fort Hunter Liggins on your way into Big Sur. It is a little intimidating driving through the gates, but it is no big deal. There was nobody there and through traffic is allowed. Eventually you exit out the military base and enter into Los Padres National Forest. There are a few pull offs on the side of the road you can camp at. There were also two campgrounds. We drove up the road to the point where it said no camping on side of road for next twelve miles and turned around to a koosh spot a few miles back. We tucked the bus into the woods right next to a creek! Hella bugs! Be one with the bugs! Beautiful spot! Kev and I chilled by the creek for a bit and then went on an adventure across the street up the ridge. We climbed for a bit, got above the trees, and had an outstanding view of the sunset! All sorts of colors in the sky in contrast with all the greens of the forest made it well worth the trek up!! We headed back down and made some black bean dillas for dinner. Woke up the next morning and chilled hard! I did some writing in my journal and Kevin played the guitar! We chilled by the creek with the bugs and played around with making a song about Big Sur! Got back on the road in the afternoon. Took Nacimiento-Fergusson Road all the way to Highway 1 on the coast in the bus. If you are driving through Big Sur you should definitely drive this road! It was incredible! Definitely the sketchiest road the Pow Bus has been on! Super exposed and small lane road that climbed up the mountain and steeply descended back down to the coast! It was beautiful!! Very surreal experience! The bus crushed it!! You get to the top of the climb and have an overwhelming view of the mountains and ocean!! As you descend down the views get different and eventually you see you are high above the clouds as you get closer to the ocean! You drive above the clouds for a while then drop through them onto the coast! All that was so incredible and then you get the coast to experience!!! Once again, breathtaking!!!! We drove up the road about nine miles to where HWY 1 was closed from a land slide and turned back around. Stopped in a couple spots along the way to take picture and to just take it all in. At the vista point closest to the closure was the most beautiful site of the ocean on the day!! The rocks, mountains, plants, and ocean all together!!! We ate lunch there! Instead of driving back up and down Nacimiento-Fergusson we decided to drive back North up HWY 1 for the views and cut back over to the 101 after Big Sur! Such a beautiful drive! Might be my favorite segment of Highway 1 yet!!!!! We were in and out of there pretty quick. Showed up in the evening, camped, and explored the next day! Took lots of pictures, check out the slideshow below! Could definitely spend some more time there and explore a lot more. For some reason we were just feeling onto the next destination, Pismo Beach! Words cannot explain enough the way Big Sur touched me! Incredible place along the coast of California!! Highly recommended! Nacimiento-Fergusson Road is a beautiful mountain road that connects to the ocean. That is the spot to be! Camp there! Drive there! Explore there!! THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!

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