Summer in Durango Waiting for POW!

36798523_10211648251938754_8817869477061328896_nDurango is the center of the universe! I will tell people that often when they ask about Durango. I call Durango home!! This town is where I come back to every summer/fall to work like crazy and get after it outside everyday before work! This summer I finally pulled the trigger and got a full suspension mountain bike. YT Capra!!!!! The Young Thug!!!! In love with this bike! Just about everyday the friends and I get after it on the trails all around Durango! World class trails in town out the front door! High alpine trails less than an hour away!! Purgatory Ski Resort with downhill lift laps!!!! Can’t beat it!! I work as a bartender and server at Carver Brewing Company downtown on Main Street. If you are reading this come on in, sit at the bar or a table for some food, and if I am there I will be happy to buy you a beer!!! I am usually working at the back bar in the pub. Just let me know you checked out SkiBumPhilosophy! The friends that I go riding with mostly all work at Carvers! Group of about five of us all biking hard!! This town is the best!! Work and bike everyday, making money, preparing for the POW! Work knows that I will be dropping everything and chasing storms come winter. It is a great gig! The owner and head manager are cool with me coming and going every summer and winter! PERFECT! There is a lot more going on in Durango throughout the summer too! The Animas River runs right through town that we love to float and chill at beaches! Hella hiking trails all around town and endless more not far! Climbing and bouldering in town and just North! Fishing, wakeboarding, or boating at Lake Nighthorse! Or a short drive away to Navajo Lake or Vallecito Reservoir! Backpacking, hotsprings, camping, and more and more and more!!! DURANGOOOOO! On my weekends I usually travel outside of Durango to somewhere in Colorado! Whether that be for biking, camping, music, or whatever!! Always having a great time! The POW will soon be here and faceshots will be had!!!!! Gotta stay busy and keep the mind sane!! The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are beginning to change, and dustings of snow are happening up high!!!! The POW is near!! For now…. BROWNPOW on the bikes!!!! PRAY TO DAS SNOW GODS!

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