Let The Season Begin!

46935645_2240843089521814_741832927528091648_nWork is over, snow is falling, and faceshots are happening! POWWWW! The 2018/2019 season has begun!!!!!! Yeeeea! So far I have bagged seven days between Silverton, Wolf Creek, and Purgatory! It’s kinda crazy…. Catch me a couple years ago I would already be 30+ days deep in the game. Things have changed! For the better… For more POW… For more travel… For a brand new snowmobile!! Life is so good right now! Work has went from 60-70 hour weeks to part time with three days off! Money is stacked! Koosh is stacked! No debts or money owed to me! No more working mornings, which means more POW! And yea, I bought a brand new sled!!! 2018 Skidoo Summit 850 with a 165 3in track!!!! So sexy!!! Game changer!!! Life changer! I am currently sitting on an airplane flying to Italy!!! Going to be a tourist and travel Rome, Venice, and Flourence eating cheese, food, and drinking wine! Then head to Cortina to be a skibum and do some snowboarding in the Dolomites!!!

Day 1 was on October 10th in Silverton at Velocity Basin!!! Best first day I have had since moving to Durango! At least a foot with more in spots! Hassell, Stone, and I shredded the lookers right side of Velocity in the best looking POW spot in the basin! It was sooo good! Way above expectations! Great way to start the season! Faceshots on day one say whuuuuut!

Day 2 was back towards Velocity Basin. It was JP and myself. We got there pretty late, hiked as far as we could towards Velocity, then decided to start hiking up the Silverton Mountain Ski Area, and get some turns in before it was dark! Definitely was not as good as day 1, but still awesome! Way better than last year already! The snow was pretty wind buffed so hard in spots, but got fresh POW on most turns! Stayed at Colin’s new place in Silverton that night.

Day 3 was JP and myself again! Woke up in Silverton at Colin’s pad. We skinned up to Mennehaha Basin. It was a beautiful day! Perfect bluebird day in Southwest Colorado! We took our time hiking up. Chilled in spots, munched food, talked, burned, and whatnot! Jason had never shredded in Silverton before so it was super cool to show him all my go to spots! We hiked up into Mennehaha Basin, then up the ridge to the Respect Hut! We chilled haaaaaard in there! Got a fire going, made lunch, hot tea, joints, respect, protect, enjoy!! J was super stoked on the hut! Unfortunately someone trashed the hut, broke a window, and broke the glass door on wood stove….. LAME! Very disrespectful! Hopefully those people never come back! RESPECT. PROTECT. ENJOY. I cleaned up and organized the hut. We wrote down a list of things to bring up to fix the window and make her comfortable again! After hanging out in the hut we hiked up a little more to get above tree line and dropped into the North facing trees! The first half was POW! Almost felt bottomless. We were so stoked!!! The bottom half was still POW, but low coverage! Amazing day! We slayed it! Then headed back to Durango for a concert! SKI BUM LIFE!

Day 4 was the next day at Wolf Creek Ski Area! We mobbed up there with the boys! It was Kevin, Julien, JP, Karl, Colin, and I!!!! Such a fun crew! Such a fun day! Everybody was crushing it! Definitely needed more snow, but no complaints! We lapped the Treasure Lift for a while rippin the shit outa groomers! After lunch we headed over to the Alberta Lift. Took the crew into Waterfall Gate #4 for some technical skiing. Usually a fatty cliff zone with fat POW, not that day… .My bad crew! Kevin, Karl, and Julien all crushed it! After that we took a lap on Serendipity and that was untouched POW!!! Always a good Wolfie stash! The next lap we took down the cat track to find some fresh POW!! We found the fresh! But the end was not groomed yet and was hell to get out. Oh well! We all had a wonderful day!!! We finished off the day with food n beer at RiffRaff Brewing, got a room, and raged the Pagosa Hot Springs for the night!

Day 5 was opening day at Purgatory!!! Another day mobbin with the friends! It was Kevin, Julien, Hassell, Sydney, and I! Top to bottom run this year!!!! YEEEEEA! That manmade handmade dude! Thank you snowmakers! The top half of the resort had decent amounts of natural snow still sticking. The bottom is pretty bare. We will take what we can get considering the last two years of opening day was just a patch of shredding on the top of the mountain and downloading with grass below to finish the day. It has been cold too so the snowmakers were able to put in hella work!! It was not like patchy shredding. For the run that was in, it was definitely blasted with lots of snow and made for some great resort shredding! I wrecked pretty hard this day… thank you helmet for keeping me alive and not brain dead. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET WHEN SKIING! Still a bit sore from the fall, but survived! Fuckin resorts man…. Gotta stick to going hard in the powder!

Day 6 GOBBLE GOBBLE BITCHES YEA! Shredded Purgatory on Thanksgiving! Kevin, Julien, Cait, and myself went! Same run as opening day. Could see that snowmakers were definitely putting in work on other runs though! Avoided going too hard this day. Gave myself a no fall rule for the day! Had lots of fun!! Seems like all the friends now a days can ski fast and all keep up with each other. Super cool!!! We have all come so far in the ski game! About halfway through the day it started to POW!! That made for some softer turns for the rest of the day!!! STOKE WAS HIGH!!!!!!!! Food was daaaaank!

Day 7 was the first real POW day of the season!!! Dumped over Thanksgiving night in Silverton! Julien and I headed up there on Friday and found the deeeeeep! It was my first day bringing the new snowmobile out!!! We had intentions to just sledneck all day, but once we got up there was no way we were not shredding!! Started the day off with a lap in the North facing trees by Mennehaha!! It was deep POW!! I would say it snowed a foot to a foot and a half overnight!! First white room of the year!!! Getting super pitted!! It was Julien’s first time snowboarding deep powder!! The first pitch went as it goes foe everyones first POW day. Hard to turn and falling when you stop. He comes up to me and is like Ed how do I ride this shit!! I was like point it strait, turn less, lean back, and speed is your friend!! He listened perfectly, took off doing everything I told him, and shredded the deep POW!!!! Super cool to see him from a year ago not knowing how to snowboard to now getting fully submerged in snow!! After that lap we dropped the snowboards at the truck and snowmobiled the rest of the day!!! The darkside!!! AHHH! Dude so much fun! We destroyed the POW in Mennehaha Basin and also cruised into Velocity Basin. This new sled is unbelievable. Super fast, climbs like a beast, persistent, sexy, turns on a dime!! Love this machine already!! Taking hella faceshots on the sled!!!! What a day! Snowboard faceshots and snowmobile faceshots!!! Also set my highest high mark on the sled! Felt like nothing too! CRAZY! Can’t wait to see what we get into this year!!! MAAAAAAD POW LAPS!! The POW is stacking up out there! Almost felt bottomless the whole day! Sled and board! Another storm rolling in and forecasts are looking good for the end of November and early December!! Bring it on!! Hopefully I come back from Italy and it is full on!!! PRAY TO DAS SNOW GODS!

P.S. My Instagram account was hacked a few months ago. On the bright side, the nerd who hacked me changed the name so I was able to restart @kooshpow! Lost all my followers and posts, but I am back on the radar!!!!!! Instagram @kooshpow

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