Living in a School Bus in Silverton

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.10.35 PMDecember 13, 2018

Back on the ski bum philosophy lifestyle!! Currently bus chillin at about 10,600ft up on top of Red Mountain Pass at 9:00PM. The wood burning stove is HOT FIRE! Just ate some vegetable and bean fettuccini for dinner!! Sippin on some sleepy time tea, eating chocolate from Italy, and writing this!! Today was a POW day!!!! Karl, Marshell, and I went into US Basin and took snowmobile laps all day! The three of us woke up in the bus with 20-30cm this morning on top of the pass! We had plans to go up the Dreamcatcher (Northeast) gully of US Bain and ski the POW up there on top of the basin up towards Koosh Peak. It’s nice and low angled high alpine up there, so we were hoping for some sick snow. Unfortunately the snow was wind fucked… I ripped the snowmobile up the gully like a sled neck boss and discovered the shit snow… So I headed back down to the boys and we looked over at the South-Southwest slope of Us Basin and figured we could probably sled lap it!! We ripped it over there no problem, Marshell and I jumped off the sled, and started a short hike to where we dropped in! The both of us dropped in together!!! It was siiiick!!! POWWWWW Some supper fun, low angled, hippy POW! We lapped the shit out of it!!! Skied it like a guided group and just took fresh track after fresh track left to right!!!! So much fun dude! I hiked up a little higher on one of the runs and had the slope crack a bit on me when I skied the shot. It was just a small wind slab in a wind loaded area, nothing big at all, but did crack. I got to the side of the slope to check it out and no snow moved and everything was fine. The obvious wind loaded spots above tree line S-SW-W-NW-N-NE slopes are prone to avalanches. The NE slopes were looking nasty from wind effect. Be careful out there. On I went and shredded that low angled koosh!! Lapped that all day!! Amazing day!! Been up here for two day now. Yesterday it was Marshell, Karl, Julien, John, and myself. We took the sleds into US Basin and took a couple laps in the basin. It was a big day for Julien’s buddy, John, who was from out of town. He killed it!! Better than most out of towners! We headed back to the bus after being out there for a while and set up home base. Got the chimney up, fire going, and joints rollin. Karl and Julien went and snowmobiled for a bit, while Marshell, John, and I kicked it in the bus. John’s dog, Karma, was there! Super koosh dog!! Julien and I went snowmobiling next!! It was duuuuumping at this point!! Him and I straight sled necked!! Big game changer day for the both of us!! We were climbing through trees, up gnarley shit, going wherever we wanted!! It was sick!! Incredible what those machines can do!!! We both discovered the sweet spot on our snowmobiles!! Of course….. my fucking sleds pull start broke. Day three and already problems! Wouldn’t expect anything less…. Sled life! Good thing it is on warranty! Also had the love hate relationship thoughts with the sleds today!! Yesterday and this morning was a lot of getting stuck and struggling for the group. We all got through it no problems, but it gets in the way of skiing. This morning after getting stuck a couple times I was frustrated and was like we could be snowboarding!!!!! But shortly after we were taking mad laps!!! Taking hella turns!!!! LOVE HATE!!!! So much fun!!! The past two days have been what we live for!! Monte is showing up later tonight. We don’t have service up here, but I told him where we would be parked before we left town. Stoked to shred some more fresh POW tomorrow!! We are going to skin tomorrow! Not quite sure what… maybe hike up towards McMillan or Prospect Gulch. We shall see!!! First storm in the bus of the season!!!!! FRESH POW LAPS ON THE SNOWMOBILE!!!! Couldn’t ask for anything more!!!

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