POW Turns and “The Darkside”…

December 18, 2018

Exhausted right now!! In such good ways. Karl, Marshell, Julien, and I all stepped our game up today! We took Karl’s, Julien’s, and my snowmobile out! Marshell would switch Canadian on everyone’s sled. Marshell and I woke up in the bus out here at our creek front bus property. Julien and Karl drove up in the morning and met up with us. We all took off from the bus up Hurricane Pass. We went up and lapped the zone Colin and I hit a couple days ago. The plan was to try and go further up the pass and ski the huge basin below, but there was a spot that was so wind buffed, solid, and steep we did not want to try to side hill it on the sleds. So we looked across the mountains and decided we would go back down and then up Corkscrew Pass. Shout out to all the old miners back in the day that put these roads in!! We ripped it up Corkscrew for a bit, then turned right off the passed and ripped up a small gully. On the other side was POW for days!!!! Wide open mountain fields and hills!!!! We all stepped it up in there!! Sled neckin!!!! The dark side….. We got pretty deep towards Red Mountain 1. I sent a sick hill on some steep and deep!!! Getting this snowmobile thing figured out!!!!!! After some neckin I got the snowboard itch. Might have fun snowmobiling, but I am a snowboarder and want to use the sled for fatty POW turns!!!!! Marshell and I took two laps off Corkscrew dropping down the East face towards the roads below. We would drop out and cruise down the road a bit to the lapping point where Karl and Julien would pick us up for a ride back up to the top!! After doing that twice, Marshell and I used my snowmobile to lap, while Karl and Julien went and sled necked! Marshell was a bit tired, hooked it up, and lapped me four times!!!! It was so beautiful! Sunset laps in some beautiful POW! Those are the best moments in life!!! Everyday just keeps getting cooler and cooler!! Chillin bus life next to Cement Creek with Marshell! Wood burning stove is cozy! Just ate some bomb ass veggie, bean, and Velveeta Shells Mac n Steeeeeez!!!! Mad love to all the friends!!!!! Thanks Carver Brewing Company for hookin us up with some 32oz Cruiser Cans for the Bus Life Silverpow adventure this week!!!!! Stoked for what tomorrow will bring us!!!!! PRAY TO DAS SNOW GODS!

Snow Report

Just about everything below tree line was POW. It all felt pretty safe too. We snowmobiled all aspects in a zone below tree line and no signs of unstable snow. Still being very safe of course. On the other hand, Northeast and North faces above tree line had large natural and snowmobile trigged avalanches. Most of them in obvious wind loaded areas. Snow height is about 100cm. Weak layer of facets from ground to about 43cm.

I am going to start putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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