Surprise POW Day!

December 19, 2018

SURPRISE POW DAY!!!! Woke up at 2AM in the bus, clear skies. Woke up at 6AM, DUMPING!!!!! Marshell and I woke up next to Cement Creek in the Pow Bus and it was snowing so hard!!! We slept in, let it dump, made breakfast, and got after it!! We took mad sled laps in the North facing trees of Mennehaha! First thing we did was dig a pit up at the top right next to the drop in zone. ECTP6SP NE 12,000ft More snow stuff below. The first lap I skied down the ridge a bit and dropped into the lower angle saddle. The snow was great!! Still POW to be found and every time you came across other tracks the new snow made it nice and soft to slow down. Then we found the POW!!! The way the wind was blowing and how hard it was snowing made the first couple shots off the top fat POW!!! Untouched fat POW! The snow all collected in these shots! The great white POW cow!!!! Best POW of the season for sure! Faceshots and disappearing into the white room! LOVE that feeling! I took eight laps and Marshell took seven laps!!! Two of my laps were all the way down to the Cement Creek Road! Life is crazy! No snow in the forecast before we left! Wake up to it dumping!!!! POWWWWWWWW! I will be spending lots of time in Silverton off the grid for the start of this winter season. When I get back on the radar I will post everything I wrote up out there right away! And post mad edits and photos! Just posted four days worth of blogs! Check em out! Four incredible days in a row snowboarding in Silverton! Back down in Durango for the weekend for work at Carvers!! I will be going back and forth from POW to work this weekend! Work hard, play harder! For the love of POW!!!!!!!

Snow Report

Mennehaha Basin Area ~ Pit Results: ECTP6SP, Weak Layer at 75cm, Snow Height: 118cm, New snow: 18cm, Deep Weak Layer: 43cm, Northeast facing, 12,000ft. Woke up to unexpected snow! It started snowing around 6:00AM and went till about 3:00PM. Snowing hard, about an inch an hour, from 6AM-12PM. New snow 5cm-20cm. Wind in the morning seemed like it was coming from the South or East down at low elevation and once we got up high it was blowing hard from the North. Very loaded NE-E Slopes. Wind was blowing everywhere. Was not expecting the 75cm layer from a couple weeks ago to be the layer to fracture, maybe it was the wind buffed snow? We dug the pit in an obvious wind loaded area.

I am going to start putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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