December 25, 2018

Merry Kooshmas!!!!!! Dad, Kevin, Jack, Gaetano, Julien, and I went to Puragtory Ski Resort!! Dad chilled in the lodge, while we all shredded!! Lift 3 was open!!! Finally!!!!!! Plenty of POW to be found! Especially when we know the stash spots!!! Super fun day shredding resort!! We mobbed hard over on Lift 3!! First smoke shack sesh of the season!!! Gaetano stepped it up today!!! Sick! One of the laps I found totally untouched POW! One of my go-to stash spots!! Showed Kevin and Jack on the next run!!! Kev was super determined for the POW!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEA! It started snowing while we were there and came down harder as the day went on!!! We shredded all day!! Perfect Christmas day shredding with the close friends and family!!!!!! PRAY TO DAS SNOW GODS!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Snow Report

Lift 3 is finally open at Purgatory. You can go as far to Peace. Only Boogie was groomed over there and the rest was skier packed down snow! POW to be found on the side of runs and in the trees. Low coverage!!! I bet they will open more tomorrow! Started snowing lightly during day and was coming down by 4PM. More snow on the way!

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