Drop Everything and Snowboard!!

December 31, 2018

FREEDOMMMMMMMMM!!!! Just clocked out of my last shift at Carver Brewing Company for the season!! Time to DROP EVERYTHING AND SKI POW!!!! Releasing my 2017/2018 season edit! Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uUNYBD1Glc&t=51s !!!!!!! Shredded fat POW up at Mennehaha Basin with Jack and Marshell today!! Every lap were fresh tracks!! Jack and I had a lap of that shit we live for!! So geeked at the bottom! We were skiing a totally untouched shot side by side, so fast, blowing snow up everywhere, going in and out of the white room, hootin and hollerin!!!!! Those are the runs we live for!!! We all took four laps I think! Crazy good day up there!! Marshell and I drove up last night and Jack met us up there this morning!!! It’s still dumping!!! Time for me to make moves!! Going off the grid for who knows how long! Love you all!! Happy New Year!!! Life is so good!! Life is crazy!! Living my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWWWWWWW

Snow Report

About 5cm of new snow at Menehaha area. Dumping all day. Low visibility. The North facing trees of Mennehaha were skiing great! No signs of unstable snow in the trees, but I am sure elsewhere is sketchy. The Mennehaha North facing trees get skied so much all season it is a great storm skiing option.

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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