It’s Going Off in the San Juans!!

img_3172January 7, 2019

Deepest POW of the year!!!! Disappearing into the white room!!! Tits deep POWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Marshell, Casey, Rob, and I skinned up to Mennehah Basin and skied the North trees! It was soooo good! For sure best snow of the year!! It was dumping all day on us! We took two laps! Why I am hiking up Mennehaha….. Fuck you Skidoo! Splitboarding is the answer!!!! The first lap Marshell and I entered in at the fourth shot. Casey and Rob skied down the ridge more. We mobbed it! I skied first then wrapped right into the wide open finger! Marshell skied after me and blasted past me into the shot! I followed right behind!!! It was so good! I could not even see for fifty percent of it because I was in Marshell’s cold smoke! So sick!!!!!! We hiked up for a second lap and as we got to the top then sun broke through and the storm cleared! It was so beautiful!!! Hero light! Everything was a blanket of white!! The storm did us real well!!!!! For the second lap Marshell dropped the second shot and skied around to film me shredding the first shot!!! It was so good! I keep saying that, but that is how good it was!!! AHHHHHH! POWWWWW!!! I fucking love POW!! I blasted into the shot and went blind in the white room as I sent it off a fatty pillow!!! So sick!!!!!!! POWWWWWWW! Love that shit!! I jumped off the second pillow, and then slowed down to wait up for Marshell!! He skied down to me, then I skied down the shoulder of the wide open shot below to film Marshell from below. Even that shoulder was bomb as fuck!!! So deep taking hella turns!! Slough was dripping into the shot, but there was so much POW it did not even matter. I got a sick video of him that line and he got an awesome one of me!!!! So much POW today!! Constantly wiping off the goggles!! So much snow in the face!!!! POWWWWWWWW And to finish off the day we all party mobbed down the first shot down to the road from the halfway point!!!! DEEP!!!! Deeeeep deeeep deeeeeep! Nothing like skiing with all your friends down a blank canvas, going in and out of the white room, and all of us shouting like the kids we are!!!! It is going off in the San Juans!!!!

Snow Report

Mennhaha Basin area. New snow was about 10cm maybe more. Storm totals from 30cm-40cm and more in some spots!! The storm got very windy last night from the South-Southwest. Cornice at the drop in zone at about 12,300ft. The cornice was about a meter tall and that snow was not there a few days ago. So deep! Then this morning it started to snow again. By 11AM it was coming down an inch an hour! The flakes were big. Probably about 20F outside. It snowed hard till about 2:30PM, then the sun peaked out, and the storm cleared. Still very windy up high from the Southwest. Big plumes coming off the peaks and ridge lines. The touchy snow that would slough on steep stuff yesterday seemed to bond down a bit better. Still a storm slab out there. When it cleared there were natural storm slab avalanches on all aspects. Some big ones! The snow would sort of slough on the North shots in the trees, but manageable by skiing the shoulders of the shots and letting snow fall fall line. Looks like clear weather for the next few days! Colorado POW days!

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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