Kicker For Da Boys!!

img_3272January 10, 2019

Let’s build a kicker!!!! Ahaa!! Went up North towards Silverton with Kevin, Jack, Gaetano, and Julien and built a jump! It was such a fun day! We got up there and made some sausage, vegi scramble, and coffee in the bus!! Smoked a fatty, then got to hiking, and building! With a blue scoop and five of us we built the kicker pretty fast! Julien got a bonfire going right next to the jump as well!! Everyone hit the jump!! I boosted it first and got so much air!! Kevin hit it next, threw a tail grab, and stomped it!!! So sick for his first booter in the backcountry! He was amped!! And it was on!!!! Everyone was stoked to hit it!! I sent a 360 and stomped it after a couple tries! Also threw a fatty method!! Tried working on a method 180… Tricky stuff! I will land it next time! Dope day hitting a kicker with the friends, drinking hot chocolate, eating donuts, and chillin by a bonfire!!!! BLUE SCOOP NATION!!!!!!

Snow Report

No new snow. Did not really explore much. Whumphing on North facing loaded spots. We were in low angled spots with nowhere for snow to run, but the snow was talking to us!

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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