Backcountry with Cait!

January 26, 2019

Backcountry day with Cait!! Just got back to Durango! Super tired… Cait and I went up to Mennehaha! We took laps in the basin!! I set a road in up the basin then we ripped a few laps!!! She killed it!! Then we went up to the top to the lapping point and skied the South face back into the basin!! The snow was POW everywhere! The wind had deposited POW all over the place!! We snowmobiled a bunch too!! Side hills and wheelies with Cait on the snowmobile!!! Hella fun!!! Had lunch and hot chocolate in the Respect Hut!!! Beautiful beautiful day in the backcountry!! A bunch of skiing and snowmobiling!!! Finished off the day with a lap in the North trees!! Crazy how much wind can reset things!! Might fuck things up high, but that snow falls into the trees and loads up!!! Could not of had a better day with Cait!!

Snow Report

Mennehaha Basin area. Not sure if there was a few centimeters of new snow or if it was deposited down low. High winds coming from the North, maybe Northeast. South faces were very loaded. Large natural wind slab avalanches on South and Southwest faces. Bluebird day, no clouds. The wind had seemed to make South and West faces scary right now. Plenty of POW to be had below tree line. North facing stuff had softest snow. South and West facing had that fast buttery wind POW, soft but not bottomless.

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!


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