Sponsor Shoutout and Outdoor Retailer!

Let the migration North to Alaska begin!! A converted school bus (The Pow Bus), a snowmobile, and two best friends are headed to Haines, Alaska! Marshell and I are starting in Denver first for Outdoor Retailer at the Convention Center. Huge outdoor convention! We will be there for three days representing Chronic Boards and Alaska Heliskiing! Then off to the open road! We do not have any definite plans except to be in Haines by February 25th so I can start guide school! The plan is to chase storms and ski the fattest POW! Maybe Jackson?! Maybe Stevens Pass?! Definitely Canada!! Eh! Then Alaska! Stoked for the next few months ahead!! For the next couple days, some very important and fun networking at OR! I am writing this post to give a shout out to all my sponsors for the support provided to help make my snowboarding dream come true!! Chronic Boards, RX Bar, VonZipper, and Ride Snowboards have all helped me pursue my path of snowboarding and traveling!

Chronic Boards

screenshot2019-01-31at9.43.43amChronic Boards taking me on the teams as an athlete was the first big step in my snowboarding career! I met the owner, Jason Pierce, at the Tsania Lodge in Alaska! Without the help of Chronic and JP, I would not be in the position I am now in the snowboard/ski industry! I currently ride the Chronic Crazyhorse 167. The Crazyhorse is Chronic’s big mountain powder snowboard. I am in love with this board! The first time I rode the board was a demo the week it was released about a year ago. It was at Copper Mountain on groomers. The control I had with the edges on hard packed ice had me stoked and I came down to the bottom only imaging what it could do in powder and technical lines! Then, I really got to try her out! After getting my own Crazyhorse in Alaska, I took it up in the heli for the first shred!! Not only did I take it in the heli… I took it to the most technical line of the season, “The Wall”! A very steep Chugach Mountain Alaska face! This board crushed it. The top section was steep and technical to traverse across the top of the line. The boards edges handled it great! A few technical jump turns to drop in, handled perfect, then tons of pow! The board all around handled the biggest possible line you could ever imagine skiing, exactly how you would want it to! Since then I have been ripping this board in the deepest snow to the most technical snow all season! She floats effortlessly in the POW! I started on the Chronic ATV 154. It is Chronic’s all mountain snowboard. It is the perfect snowboard for your everyday resort rider! Super light and easy to maneuver. Camber profile brings you back to the original style! And is incredible to get back on to! The rocker camber rocker is the just the “new thing”. I love this board for resort and getting playful!! I also took it to Japan with me! This 154cm snowboard slayed over a meter of fresh JaPow! Not to mention, Joey Unser, who takes podium at competitions all the time on the ATV! This board is an all around true all mountain snowboard! ChronicAthletics.com

RX Bar

img_3163I practically live off of Rx Bars! Every time I am doing something rad I am eating an Rx Bar or RX NutButter at some point during that day! Which are most days! These bars are delicious! For sure the best bar out there! They are all natural bars that usually have about nine grams of protein. Made up of nuts, egg, dates, and fruit! No BS! There are also nut butter packs! Perfect snacks and breakfast! My favorite bar is Chocolate Sea Salt and favorite nut butter is Vanilla Almond Butter. I really enjoy all the chocolate flavors! Coconut Chocolate is up there with the Sea Salt. Blueberry is my favorite fruit one. When I let people try them everyone really likes the Coconut Chocolate, Blueberry, and Peanut Butter. There has not been a flavor I do not like! Lately, I have been a huge fan of the nut butters! Eating those like crazy! They are so perfect! RX Bar for sure keeps me going out there in the middle of my adventures! This is my snack in the backcountry! Nothing else! RX Bars are always in the pack! RxBar.com


screenshot2019-01-31at9.44.51amVonzipper changed my goggle game. My whole life I never liked wearing shaded lenses on my goggles. I did not even like wearing sunglasses!! Now you wont catch me without my VonZipper sunglasses on! And the goggles for snowboarding!! So chill! I wear Vonzipper Feenom goggles and lenses every time I am out snowboarding. I have a low light lens and a sunny lens. I wear the low light most the time and when it is bluebird I have my other one. They are not full on black out, but do the job very well. I think black would be too dark for me. I went from not liking tinted lens to really appreciating my options with VonZipper while out there snowboarding. The goggles fit my face perfect and I never have fog problems. I have had them for a year now and cannot come up with any negative problems with these goggles or sunglasses. The Vonzipper Banner sunglasses I rock year round. I wore them while being a surf bum in Southern California and while mountain biking everyday in Southwest Colorado! They are by far the best shades, especially as far as having a good lens go, I have tried on in a long time! VonZipper.com

Ride Snowboards

screenshot2019-01-31at9.49.48amRide Snowboards hooks me up with boots. I am the type of snowboarder who puts in around a hundred days a year! Most of these days being in the backcountry, so I need a boot that is going to last! I have been wearing the Ride Insano for a few seasons before getting support from the Ride crew. It took me a long time of trial and error finding the right boot to survive in the backcountry. The boots have Michelin rubber and are very durable for hiking in the backcountry. They also have incredible traction with that Michelin rubber. Ride Snowboards boots are great! I currently wear the Ride Fuse. The Fuse, like the Insano, is a great high performance boot! I started on the Ride Deadbolt and it did not work out for my style of riding. Too lose in the toes for splitboarding everyday. Great boot for a resort rider who gets out a handful of times a year! Now wearing the Fuse, I am very satisfied. I have been using them like crazy this year and they are exactly what I want out of my snowboard boot. Lots of support, but not too stiff. BOA System and laces. Very happy with this boot! I think it will last me a good amount of time in the technical terrain it will step into! RideSnowboards.com

Again, mad thanks to these companies!! I travel and snowboard living out of a school bus chasing snow storms and these companies help make it happen. With the support on gear and food, I am able to be much more flexible with traveling to dream locations around the world to snowboard the deepest and best snow! Thank you so much!

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