Copper Mountain SIA OnSnow Demo

February 5, 2019

In the past two days I got to demo lots of different styles of snowboards and really see what the new technology has to offer! Shredded Copper Mountain with Marshell, Yulia, Steve, Danny, and Seandog! Alaska Heliskiing team!! Today was the last day of the SIA OnSnow! I started off the morning on a Ride Snowboards Berzerker. This board is meant for carving!! And it did! I asked the boys over there to hook me up with a board I could really dig into the edge and do circles if I wanted. I have never been a board that could carver like this!! Really laying it down!! Especially toe side!! Getting my chest to the snow! And I was really able to get it in heel side as well, which I normally do not carve as hard heel side as this board was allowing me to! The second snowboard I tried was the Prior Slasher. When I was done with this board, it was my favorite of them all, until I tried the next board, but we will get there. The Slasher was my kind of board!! Super playful big mountain powder board. It is a swallowtail snowboard. So meant to rip POW! Unfortunately, I did not get to try her in deep POW, but I could only imagine. Regardless, I really enjoyed the way this board handled. It could charge and really carve! Something about the way the swallowtail edge grabs on! It was also super playful!! For sure my favorite board to jump around on during these past two days! Headed to Whistler in a week or two! Stoked to link up with the Prior crew and hopefully get on a Slasher in the deep POW! Last, but not least! The Never Summer Big Gun was the last snowboard of the demo I tried. Saved the best for last!! This board was for sure my favorite board I tried at the SIA OnSnow demo!!! This is Never Summer’s big mountain snowboard. This thing is meant to charge!!! Everything about this board is for charging!! She just wanted to go fast!! The board is designed and cut to still ride like a smaller board, even though it is a large board. The edge of the board is in contact with the snow for about the length of an average board, but then the nose is larger than normal and rises up and goes out longer than your average board. Hard to explain through typing! If I were to buy a board right now this would be it for my solid! I could imagine what this thing could do on pillows and big lines!! So much control!! You could go as fast as you are willing on this board without a doubt!! Hopefully I can get one of these snowboards in my hands and if not the AK Heliskiing team will have them up in Alaska with us!! I rode the 169cm and would for sure go bigger! And for those of you that are shorter, the design I was trying to explain early is what makes this board rideable for you! It rides like a smaller board, but charges like the Big Gun it is! This past week was an incredibly fun time! Lots of great new people met! Picked up a sponsorship for outerwear from Turbine!! VonZipper hooked it up with a fresh pair of sunglasses and goggles! Linking up with RxBar rep in Utah to restock!! And got to give thanks to the Ride Snowboard rep!! Networked with some amazing humans!! Got super wild in the concrete jungle of Denver!! Then shredded Copper Mountain with the friends, while trying next years fresh new snowboards! Crazy good time! Back on the road!! Stuck in Rawlins, Wyoming because I80 is closed…. Nasty roads! Holdin it down in a Walmart parking lot! On our way to Utah!! Hopefully back at it in the morning! POWWWW!!

Snow Report

Copper Mountain. A few centimeters of new snow overnight. Soft groomed runs! Great for carving! The morning started sunny, then went overcast as the day went on. Temps were around 30F I would say. High winds, especially at high elevations. Felt like the winds were blowing in all directions. Coming up the runs and ripping West-ish up high. Some sections of deposited wind snow were deep. Wind POW was also accumulating in the bumps on the leeward slopes. I found a few sections of super deep snow in the trees, but for the most part everything was hard packed dust on crust. No signs of unstable snow at the resort.

I just started putting snow reports at the bottom of the days post. I am no snow expert. We are just out here getting after it everyday and I would love to share my observations to the beautiful ski community!! Be safe! Take faceshots!!!!!

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