Jackson Hole Mountain Resort!

2fc14cb4-e436-4e28-bbdc-fbd0638e1e4c.jpegFebruary 15, 2019

Mash potato POW day!!! Went to Jackson Hole with Marshell, Cooper, Mike, Jack, and India! It dumped warm and wet snow all night and gave us some fresh creamy n buttery POW for today! It was a blast! Definitely warm and heavy snow, but it was still a fresh POW day!! Any fresh snow is better than no fresh snow! We started off the day waiting in line for an hour or so… avalanche control delayed opening, which is chill, but holy moly lift lines!!! Once we got to skiing it was so gooooood! Sent lift line first lap to get those fresh tracks!! HOT POW! The next bunch of laps till lunch were rowdy!! So much fresh!! Pillows everywhere!! Cracking eggs all day!! Dropping cliffs!! The stoke was high in the friend group today! After lunch we went up the tram and hit Rendevous Bowl!! It was dope! I hugged the skiers left side along the cliffs and found plenty of fresh!! The rest of the day we just explored around the resort skiing POW on every run!! Thanks Mike for the hookup on fifty percent off!! Thanks for grooming too!! After skiing we had dinner with Zell, Cooper, and Lily! Tsania gang Tsania gang Tsania gang!!! With all the pow, pillows, and cliffs, I would say this was a perfect day at Jhole!!

Snow Report

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. 30-40cm new snow. Very warm and heavy snow. Cloudy morning, then went sunny for a bit around noon, then got cloudy and snowy again around two. About 30F at base and about 20F at summit of tram. Southish winds. Calm down low, windy up high. Winds up high were probably around 30MPH. The heavy snow definitely caused instability in the snowpack on all aspects. Ski patrol was working hard and blasting. On the first lap coming over a rollover I could see a slab breaking, nothing bad, just could see it. The rest of the day I saw no signs of unstable snow. All this new snow, different temps, and high winds is setting up some sketchy snow. Lots of POW to be had, but be safe!!

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