Glory Glory Hallelujah!!!

0004E07A-D109-45C0-B953-AF882A93D65AFebruary 17, 2019

Just when I think it can’t get better… The next day is even better!!! Halina, Marshell, and I hiked up Glory Mountain on Teton Pass! We bootbacked up it! Beautiful sunny day! Everything caked in POW! We skied the ridge in the trees between First and Second Shot!! Totally untouched! Everyone had been skiing fall line and we hit this ridge just right!! There were a bunch of wind formed features that were super fun to hit!!! Catching air and playin all over natural features! We traversed hard right at the end and exited out the end of First Shot. Hiked on the side of the road back up the pass and split up from Halina! Marshell and I then hiked up the South side of the pass and skied Tele Bowl!! I put first tracks down it!! Soooooo sick! For sure one of the top lines this year! So deep! Totally untouched!! Skied the rib in the center of the bowl. Can’t believe I snagged first tracks on it!!! The snow was incredibly deep! Felt like AK dude!!! Skiing an extremely deep sustained pitch!!!!! Skied that all the way down the Old Pass Road, came out about a mile from the bus, and walked down the highway the rest obthe way! For the love of POW!! Life is so koosh right now!!! Succefully chasing the POW!! Off to Haines in a few days!!! POWWWWW

Snow Report

Teton Pass. 10-15cm new snow. Partly sunny. About 25F. Calm winds, not ripping up high like the past few days. No signs of unstable snow, but tons of new snow from this past week. Did not see any avalanches elsewhere. Skied an untouched SE bowl and snow felt great! Things are feeling good! Looks like we could have some sunny days ahead! Have fun and be extra safe out there!

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