Grand Teton National Park!

E1242CB3-0397-4F4A-BD75-9FD1ABCDA0B4February 18, 2019

Big day at the Park droppin pillows and cliffs!! Shredded with Andrew and Nate at Grand Teton National Park! Marshell did not join today because of binding issues. Andrew was in Marshell’s avalanche class and we ran into him and Nate at the Super 8 not planned at all! Super big tour with new friends! We skied “Shadow”! Took two laps on it skiing over 6,000ft!! The POW was so good!! PILLOWS EVERYWHERE!!! The first lap we took just shy of the top to get first tracks! And the second lap we took to the top!! Had the Grand Teton starring me right in the face! Incredible! Such a massive mointain! Very exhausted laying in bed about to pass out! Felt really good to go big!! I was sending it huge on the first lap!!! Boosting off of pillows and cliffs! Steepest skin of the year so far as well! The body is feeling great! Hiking strong and stomping big airs!!! For the love of POW!

Snow Report

Grand Teton National Park. No new snow. Bluebird day, finally! The morning started off around -20F, then it slowly warmed up to 0F, and maybe hit 5F at some point!! Barely any wind. Did not feel any unstable snow skiing “Shadow”, a North facing shot that we finished Northeast towards the bottom. South facing snow was getting crusty. Everything else POW. Some small natural point release slides at rocks on the big Tetons East facing. People were skiing big lines. “Sliver” and “Turkey Shoot” got skied. Also saw a skin track headed up a big couloir lookers right just before the Grand. Out of my risk factor, but cool to see people getting after it. Huge explosive triggered slides on North faces at Jackson Hole Resort, one 12ft deep! Things are seeming to be getting stable around here. Be extremely safe out there!

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