Happy Birthday Halina Party POW

9D51EBCB-6C0A-4677-8E33-0F9387A90F8AFebruary 19, 2019

Happy Birthday Halina!!!!! Shredded Glory on Teton Pass with Marshell, Halina, Elizabeth, Kali, and Jake!! We all came up for a party shred for Halina’s birthday! Hiked up Glory to the peak! Had bacon, hot tea, and chocolate pastries in the Igloo up top!! Busted out some gifts and fun to celebrate up there!! So much fun!! Crazy cold! We skied “North Trees” down to the Coal Creek parking lot and hitched back up to the top of the pass! Super cold blower POW! Had such a blast shredding with Halina and her friends for her birthday!!!! Perfect way to spend a friends birthday in the backcountry!!! Gunna shred Jhole in the morning, then hit the road to Alaska tomorrow!!! HELI SKIING HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow Report 

Teton Pass. A couple centimeters of new snow. Very cold! 0F or colder. Very windy up high as well. It was an E-NE wind 20-30MPH up high and a bit calmer down low. Cloudy day. Saw a big slide off the big main South shot of glory. It slid on the SW aspect of the shot, about 100 yards across if not more. No signs of unstable snow while skiing. Cold again and winds are picking up!! Have fun! Be extra safe!!

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