Sleds Suck!

February 28, 2019

Sled broke down again… A piece of metal cracked off the primary clutch. On the bright side, first day out in Haines!! Lee, Cole, Tim Tom, Siarah, Kelli, and I went out on sleds up towards Mahogany. Crossed a river for the first time, which was siiiick! As soon as we popped up above tree line my snowmobile broke down. Bummer… It was right when we were like this is so cool!! Always how it goes…. Something is up with this sled I feel like. Too many clutch issues. It is what it is! Helicopter will be here soon so whatever!

Snow Report

33 mile to Mahogany. No new snow. Clear sky. Around 32F. Surface hoar everywhere down low by the river. Snow was terrible up through the trees on the way up. And wind destroyed up above tree line. Some spots of facet snow that felt soft. Natural point release wet slides on South faces


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