Living in a Dreamworld in Silverton!

1516E322-D7C2-4F9D-8D2D-49CA0FA084D5April 6, 2019

Been in silent assassin mode this past week!! Crushing lines in Silverton!! Lee, Jack, and I left Alaska and drove back down here to slay!! And that is exactly what we have been doing! Lee and I are living in the Pow Bus in front of Jack’s place below Kendall Mountain! The two of us having been skiing everyday together for the past week bangin dream lines!! Here is the past week!! All POW everyday!!

3/30 ~ Bear Mountain ridge! Got into Durango at 3AM. Headed up to Silverton in the afternoon and skied a North facing couloir off the ridge of Bear Mountain with Lee, Colin, and I!

3/31 ~ Battleship, Lazer Tits, North trees! Lee, Colin, and I!! DUMPING!

4/1 ~ Grand Turk, Sultan, Python to Pumphouse Traverse! Lee, Jack, and I! Started at Molas Pass. Toured up Wishbone Couloir, traversed the ridge over the summit of Grand Turk to put us on top of a couloir! Skied into Deadwood!! Hiked up Sultan and skied the Junior Couloir off that! Hiked up Python and skied the ridge looking into town down into a wide open Pumphouse into Silverton! We started the day at 5AM hiking in the dark! We got first tracks on everything! Early bird gets the worm!

4/2 ~ Kendall Mountain, Swansea Basin, North facing couloir with a Cat Ears rock feature, deep in the basin almost to summit of Kendall! Lee, Colin, and I!

4/3 ~ Storm day!! Rest day!

4/4 ~ Bear Mountain!! Center punched from the summit! 30cm of fresh on top of an untouched seasons worth of POW! Normally this line is not in off the top into the center of the mountain because of rock! Big year! Lee, Jack, Russ, and I! Hollywood!

4/5 ~ Kendall Mountain in afternoon, Idaho Slide Path! Ski in-ski out from the Pow Bus! Lee and I! McMillian Mountain in morning, NE side, Darkside of the Muff! Lee, Colin, and I!

4/6 ~ Consolation Couloirs! Off the North face of the Sultan ridge. Lee and I! Powing!

Silverton is all time right now!! The best a snowboarder and skier could ask for!! Big lines and all POW! We have been hitting lines I have been dreaming about for years!! I love POW! Living the dream! For the love of POW! SKI BUM LIFE!!!!!!!!

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