Silverton Mountain Ski Area!

April 11, 2019

Pretty sure it is January right now?! Definitely did not feel like April!! It was nuuuuking! Super cold, windy, and snowing hard! Lee, Colin, Jack, Russ, Kit, Pete, Dan, myself, and more went to Silverton Mountain for unguided!!! And it was a POW DAY!!! So much fun!! They got about 20cm maybe more!! There were wind loaded spots of at least two feet!!!! Below negative wind chills!!! Crazy POW day in April!! We lapped hard with the crew!! Gang gang gang!!! We grouped up with other friends while there too!! Mostly got the North trees for the best POW!! On one of the laps down Colorado we were mobbin so deep with a faaaat group of friends!! That was a blast!!! Everyone was hootin n hollerin!!! Faceshots all day!!! Faceshots, pillows, and cliffs!! Silverton, Colorado is where it’s at!! So happy to be back home with all the friends and the Pow Bus!!!!!

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