Sunnyside Sled Laps

DF898574-D3F7-4B03-8A13-9363BFC90C71April 14, 2019

Bwaaaaap!! Another bangin day on the snowmobile!! Karl, Nate, and I all rode out up through Ross Basin and over into Sunnyside! I love coming up over a ridge and seeing something you have never seen before!! And then enter into it!! The snowmobile access right now is all time! You can go anywhere!! Definitely did some of the craziest climbs I have ever done today!! We got up into our zone and the three of us set a sled highway into what we wanted to lap!! We each went up and down a couple times and had a nice pow highway put in to bang out some laps!! We raaaaaged!! We each got five laps, fifteen total!!!! North facing pow face! About seven hundred foot laps!!! The drop in you could send off a cornice!! That was dope!! Going big!! There were also some fun rock features to ski through!! I sent the cornice and straight lined the face on one of the laps!! Hit 70.0 MPH!! Love that shit!!! Today was a perfect mix of going fast, taking turns, taking faceshots, and catching air!! Buttery cream cheese POW!!!

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