US Basin Sled Laps with Ketin!!!

2DBD88FE-28A4-4FF5-B1CB-FB60A44639B5April 15, 2019

Snowmobile laps with the kid bro!! Kevin, Karl, Lee, and I went out to US Basin and took snowmobile ski laps! Another beautiful day in the San Juans! We started from the top of Red Mountain Pass and took the road up and into US Basin. Once we got into the basin we lapped the North-Northeast face taking the far lookers right gully up! There was so much snow in there! I have never seen US Basin so caked! All the bushes were gone, tons of the rocks and cliffs were gone, total blank canvas!! Kevin and I partnered up on my sled and Karl and Lee on Karl’s sled! We raged it in there!! Knew it was going to warm so we put in work till noon!! Kevin and I ripped seven laps!! Lee and Karl took six!! All of us got a few laps off the top of Koosh Peak at 12,596ft!! Awesome being up there with Kev!!  That peak does not have a name and is marked at that elevation on a topography map. I have asked tons of people for a name for it and everyone says it does not have one. Guides in the area have told me no name for it! Myself and a buddy wanted to snowboard it like five years ago when we were first getting into the backcountry and that is just what we started calling it! It has stuck ever since and now lots of friends call it that and we all spread the word to orhers! Maybe this peak has a name? Either way the friends and I all call it Koosh Peak!! We were all shredding hard!! Jumping off of cliffs and cornices! Kevin was getting after it! Him and I went and sent some big airs off of cornice together at the end of the day!! Lee sent it huuuge off the cornice from the top! It is the biggest I have ever seen that cornice and he sent off it at the tallest spot!! Siiiiick! Rippin day for everyone!! The four of us went in and painted our art all over US Basin!! Had a blast out there with the brother and two best friends!! Pow Bus chillin!! Could not get any better in Silverton right now! More POW on the way!!! Ahaaaa!!!!! YEEEEEEEEA!!!!!

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