Hut Trip for Bonita and Proposal!

B16D468C-0E46-4D6C-9D4A-1C77960CAF6FApril 18, 2019

Respect! Protect! Enjoy! Lee, Jack Burke, and I went and stay in the Respect Hut for the night! We snowmobiled up yesterday evening and shredded all day today! Last night we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in a long time! Surreal being up at the hut at 11,900ft and seeing those colors in the sky and mountains!! We skied, what I think I just learned, is called Proposal Peak in the morning! Hit the North facing couloir deep in Mennehaha Basin!! Always wanted to ski that!! Got it! Not the best conditions, but still a great ski through some huge rock!! Lee hiked over the ridge, while I took Jack to the hut to leave, then I went and picked Lee up in the other basin. We went up to the hut for some hot tea, sausage, cheese, and crackers for lunch!! Then the two of us hiked up Bonita Mountain in the afternoon. We snowboarded off the South face of it back into Mennehaha Basin! Also always wanted to ski that from the top!! Beautiful sunny day in the San Juans!! I have never seen so much snow at the Respect Hut!! Parked my snowmobile on the upper porch where you normally have to climb up on a wood ladder!!!! The door was totally buried in! We had to dig her out and make a tunnel into our snow cave hut ahahah!! So much POW!! Corn season is upon us!!! Silverton Splitfest is this weekend!! Always in AK during it and this year I’m here!! STOKED!! Amazing day shredding and living the hut life!! I love this area!!!

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