McMillian to Cemetery!!

April 23, 2019

Happy Birthday Kit Koosh!!! If you eat too many McMuffins you will end up in the Cemetery!!!! Lee, Kit, and I skied McMillian and Cemetery today! We started up on top of Red Mountain Pass and hiked up the road on the East side of the pass. We took the right towards St Paul Lodge and Hut, a bit after climbing past the hut we went through the trees,  and up the mellow face of McMillian. Got to the top and skied the South Southwest gave into US Basin! Firm snow, but still always fun to shred! There was a cool wind halfpipe feature up there! Then we hiked up the NE five of US Basin and dropped West down the other way to get on top of Cemetery! We party mobbed the gully right next to the run!!! Awesome corn!! So much fun!! You can’t hit that gully in winter because of avalanche danger so it was awesome to be able to mob deep ripping soft corn snow together!!! Super fun mellow day of free beer down to the highway! We pooped out of the trees to the road and stuck our thumb out for a ride back up!!! Blower POW day for Kit’s birthday!!! Ahahahaha! Great to be out there with each other! Always a fun time in the mountains with Kit!!!

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