Prospect Gulch Sled Laps!!

E4F5F74E-600E-432F-BDFD-009D97E77FE6April 20, 2019

HAPPY 420!! Karl and I took our snowmobiles into Prospect Gulch!! Then sled lapped faces I would never have expected to be taking my snowmobile on!! Advanced on the sled like crazy this year!! Definitely would not have done this last year! We parked on Cement Creek Road and went up County Road 35! That takes you into the basin! Once we got in there we sledges up to the top of the basin to scope what to ski! Never have bwappes all the way up before! After deciding we would try to ski the South face we dropped back into the basin and blasted up the South face of Red Mountain 3 on our snowmobiles!!! Craaaaazy!! We took it up to that plateau up there, left one sled up high, and took laps from there!! Three laps each of 900ft of perfect corn!!! After things got warm we went and ate lunch up on a sweet point on the ridge!! Then we snowmobiled around a bit and both high marker the North face!! I got excited on the snow and wanted to ski it! So Karl hooked it up with a bump and I sent!! Awesome ski! Was not as soft as it felt on the sled lol guess I’m not as heavy as a sled!!!! We took some photos by the old mine shaft up there! It was completely buried!! Insane how much snow fell this year!! Super koosh day out in the mountains!! Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!! ; ) I know we did after skiing!!

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