California Gulch Deep on the Sleds!

2EF821ED-A200-4F97-951E-F2CF5C5CBBE2April 24, 2019

Biggest day I have ever had on a sled!! We went deeeeep!! Karl, Jack Klim, and I took the snowmobiles out towards Animas Forks!! It was crazy! We sledded up the huge drainage crossing huge slid paths!! We were driving over tons of branches and brush!! Once we made it to Animas Forks the snow got good and was a blank canvas! We bwapped up California Gulch!!! It was so cool!! We climbed up out of the gulch at one point and were looking down on Ouray! We climbed as deep as we could in the basin and took some sled laps! We ate some lunch and decided it was time to take off. And of course we started sled neckin haaaard!! Neckers goin neck!! We went everywhere and tracked up everything!!! High marks and side hills!! Drove up into Placer Gulch as well!! Crazy good day!! We rode thirty miles on our sleds!!! POWWWWWW

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