April Showers Brings May Powder!

53437823-397B-41D5-B592-BE452561A333May 1, 2019

FACESHOTS IN MAY!!!! WHAT??!?!?!? Hailey, Nate, and I went up Mennehaha and shredded the North trees!! That’s right!! AHHAHA! Mennehaha snowmobile laps in POW in May!!! Crazy man! BONITAJAHJAHHHH!!! I spent the night in the Pow Bus at the end of Cement Creek road at the winter house spot next to the creek! Great to be home!! We had plans to ski Velocity Basin, but the POW changed plans!! Down at the bus I showed up last night to 15cm of new snow on the road and another 10cm from 11PM-7AM! Up high there was at least 60cm!!!! There was so much POW in the trees!! We could not believe it!! Mind fucked by the seasons right now!!!!! Everything up there was a blank canvas! We got into the basin, Hailey and Nate jumped off the sled and tow, and I set a highway in for us to lap!!!! I went up and down a few times to get us set up!! At the drop off point there was so much snow and the cornice that always forms there was pretty big!! The first time I went up it was flat light and I rolled my sled off the cornice without seeing it! Got back on and sent it back up knowing it was there and jumped off that bitch the next two times!! Good to shred! We crushed it! Non stop lapping starting from the first shot, “First Chair”, working our way down the ridge taking blank POW canvases through the trees each lap!!! Shit was caaaaked in there! Unbelievable! Constantly in the white room! Felt like January out there! It was bottomless POW!!!! In May!!!!!!! So many faceshots! Pretty much every turn!! Straight up choking on POW! We each took six laps and were back down to the bus at 11AM so they could go to work! SO GOOD TO SKI POW!!! Do not get me wrong, I love skiing big lines, but there is something so special about floating on fresh bottomless POW!!! Amazing day! Also got some slednecking in! Once again, something so special about floating on bottomless fresh POW!!! I was boondockin hardcore in the basin!!! And of course, the endless faceshot!!!!! On our way down I snowmobiled down the last ski option after the halfway point!! HA!! Craaaazy! Snowmobiling down a ski line through the trees in POW!! Full commitment! Today was incredible!!! LET THE ENDLESS WINTER CONTINUE!!!!!!!

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