Ross Basin and Mennehaha POW in May!

A25528E2-9CA5-4E8C-80D5-D467D9FD8AF3May 2, 2019

MAY POW DAY!!! AGAIN!!! Two crazy fun pow days in a row!! The night before I snowmobiled up to the Respect Hut for the sunset! Beautiful!! While I was up there I took some measurements on the new snow on a Northwest face at just shy of 12,000ft! 74cm, 72cm, 64cm, and 80cm of new snow!!!!!!!! YEEEEA!!!! What’s up 80cm of snow in May!!!!! Karl and I roamed around the Juans on our sleds and snowboarded all over the place!! We started the morning off by taking the “Last Option” shot in the lower Mennehaha trees! Then we bwaped up into Menne! Slednecked around the basin for a bit to get even more warmed up! Then we went over and down into the next basin lookers right of Menne! After going up and down a few times to put in a highway we started taking sled laps!! Window shopping! The two of us would sit up top and wait for a blue hole to go so we could see and ski down!! So much fun! I have always wanted to sled lap this basin and we did it perfectly!! Buttery playful POW! After four laps each we headed down to head over to Ross Basin to meet up with Haley and Nate! We snowmobiled over to the mine they were working at, had some lunch, then the four of us headed up into Ross Basin! Total blank canvas in there!! POWWWW! Same thing over here! Sucker holes and window shopping!! Karl and I put in a highway, shuttled all four of us to the top of the shots, and we waited! The four of us stood up there strapped in and ready to go waiting for a blue hole!! It took a while and once we got kind of good light we sent!! It was doooope! Nate and I dropped in by each other into the two steepest shots and Karl and Haley went over to the skiers left face!! Nate went in just in front of me took the skiers right shot and it started to slough behind him so I had to book it down my skiers left shot to beat his slough out of my tube!!! So much fun!!! We played the waiting game for a while out there! It cleared again and we rallied! The four of us all got another lap and then Nate and Haley headed back to work!! Of course, once they left it went blue!!! Karl and I slayed!!! We rallied so hard!! Non stop lap after lap!! It was wild!! The snow was so fucking deep in some of those tubes!! Could not believe it!! Pretty much every steep shot would loose wet slide slowly behind after you were already down! We were both feeling it!! I was sending!! Karl was sending! Love getting air!! Feeling so good right now!! All seasons worth of riding and feeling it!! Confident dropping in, skiing the line I want with no hesitation, and stomping cliffs!!! After six laps each the clouds rolled back in! That was cool with us! It was about 5PM at this point!! All day riding from nine to five!! Tough life out here!!! Total of eleven laps on the day banking in about 8,000-9,000 vertical feet of snowboarding and 42 miles of snowmobiling!!! Feels sooooo good to be using the snowmobile like this!! This is what we bought them for and we finally have it dialed! Kal and I have been crushing the snowmobile skiing these past few weeks! What another incredible day!! SUCKER HOLES AND WINDOW SHOPPING FOR THE LOVE OF POW!!!!!!!!

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