Velocity Basin Ghost Ridin!

E4F4FFDE-6B78-46CE-83C6-8CD431EC9FAEMay 3, 2019

Solo sled day! Woke up this morning not feeling the hottest so I slept in. Woke up around 9AM, went into town, then back up Cement Creek! It was way too nice out to not get out! I geared up and headed out to see if I could find Haley and Nate working at the Mongol Mine. They had to stick to working today and were not going to be able to take laps. I headed up into Ross Basin to take a picture of our artwork from yesterday! Then went up and slednecked around higher up in the basin! The pow crusted up over night and was not very powy anymore!! HOT POW! It was still lots of fun! Especially on a sled because it is heavy enough to break through the crust! I headed back down and then rode into Velocity Basin to scope lines for tomorrow! It was wrecked in there by timber sleds! Those guys destroyed it!! No worries! Looks like they had a blast! I climbed up Grassy Bowl to check out the line I was thinking. It was sloughed out and did not look so POW anymore… Change of plans for tomorrow! I headed back down into Velocity and rode around where the lake normally is!! I have never seen so much snow in there!! It is incredible man!! Everything is buried so deep! You could sled right up the drainage no problem!! I was so high up above the lake on snow!! I necked through the drainage too just to be able to say I snowmobiled that in the summer! HA! CRAZY YEAR!!!! I spotted an untouched slope in there and boondocked up it!! On the way down I had thoughts of ghost ride laps! So I climbed back up and rode down no hands to see where the snowmobile would go. Climbed back up again and one more time of no hands to she where she wanted to go!! Seemed koosh to go!! I bwaped back up, got her parked kind of sideways to stop, took my snowboard off the rack, straightened out the sled, let off the break, and let her rip the ghost ride!!!!!!!!!! It went perfect!! Strapped in and watched the sled roll down perfectly to the end of the line in the drainage! Siiiiiiiick!! I shredded down!!! It was a blast!! Snow was HOT POW!!! Nice pitch on an open face!! Super stoked I hopped back on my snowmobile and went up for another!!! Strapped in and let off the break! Snowboarded down as my snowmobile took a ghost ride down!!!! For the love of POW! Got down to the bottom and boogied back up for another!!! Ghost ride koosh for laps!!!! First time I have ever done that!!! Shit was a blast!!!!!!! Shorter day today, but still had an amazing time in the mountains! So grateful for this life!!! GHOST RIDE LAPS!!!!!!

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