Hurricane Couloir to Purg Closing Day

A2542CD2-A1A2-4F51-9A02-36C271BC79D0May 4, 2019

We found more POW!! George and I snowmobiled out to Ross Basin, then put the skins on, and hiked up Hurricane Peak! George came down from Denver for the weekend!! Super stoked to have him! The plan was to ski the South face of Hurricane, but clouds rolled in early and it was pretty windy so things were not corning up. We decided to summit up the rocks while we were chilling up there waiting and then we found POW!! The North facing couloir off of Hurricane had POW in it! We could not believe it!! The top was super soft and deep and I threw a rock down into the couloir to see if it was POW down lower and POOF it was!!!!!! We got so stoked and were like we have to ski this!!!!! I dropped first!! Blower POW the whole way down!! Something about that zone was holding POW! George came dropping in down after me! The stoke was so fucking high!! That is for sure the money line off Hurricane! 13,447ft!!! While we were down in the basin we hiked back up the ridge and skied another shot back into it!! Had to get the POW while we could!! Then we slugged back up into California Gulch and back up Hurricane! Once we got back up there I skied the East face and kind of traversed my way back to the snowmobile! By this point the snow was corn and George sent the South facing line we were going to ski originally back into the bottom of Ross Basin!! Such a sick day!! Expecting to ski corn…. And skied deep POW in a big line instead!!! We headed back to the bus, then hopped in George’s whip right away, and drove to Purgatory!! It was Purgs last day of the season!! First time Purgatory has ever been open in May!! We had a blast!! On the way we ran into Lee, Colin, and Kit on the streets just getting out of their Weminuche trip!! They hopped in the car and we all went to Purg! Met up with Kevin and Jack Budz there!! We all mobbed hard!!! Everyone was so amped!!!! What an amazing time!! Thank you Purg for the fun days this year!!! Maaaaaaad deep year! And to top off this amazing day we unexpectedly went down to Durango in full ski bum mode and partied!! Incredible day! Snowmobile, to skinning, to cramponing, to snowboarding off peaks, to snowboarding at a resort, to dancing all night!! DON’T LET YOUR BODY PUSH YOU AROUND, YOU CAN SKI SKI SKI AND PARTY PARTY PARTY!!

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