Ross Basin and Hurricane Peak Sled Laps!

May 11, 2019

MAY POW DAYS!! Can’t stop won’t stop!!!!!! Dumped the past couple days! Lee, Nate, and I took snowmobiles into Ross Basin and took laps!! Definitely a later start to the day being down in Durango parting the night before, but we still got after it!! We each took a lap on the “Window” zone and then I got ambitious to try something new out!! Nate and I two manned up to the Sunnyside Saddle then climbed up and along the ridges to put us on Hurricane Peak! It was gnar!!! Feeling so good on the sled! Making crazy things happen!! I skied the South facing shot of Hurricane back into Ross Basin!! Dropping in from the sled at about 13,200ft and skiing about 1,600ft of vertical!! So sick!! Big line in POW snowmobile lap!!! We all took one lap on that face!! The ride up there was the real deal!! “Pro snowmobiling, maybe semi pro snowmobiling” as Nate said! AHAHAHAH! I am pretty sure that is the highest snowmobile lap I have taken!! So cool it worked! Full commitment!!! After we each got one of those, we ate some lunch in the basin, and went for a couple more on “Window”!! Incredible day! Pushing it on the snowmobile!! GETTING SCARED FOR BIG VERT SLED LAPS!!! YEEEEEEEEA!! POWWWWWWWW!!

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