Snowboard, Snowmobile, Raft, and Dance!!

63872119-5049-419F-9B08-BB772851F69BMay 10, 2019

Multi sport day!!!! We snowmobiled, skied, rafted, and danced!! Such a fun day!! Big day!! Lee, Karl, Syd, Jack, Marc, and myself went up into Prospect Gulch and took snowmobile laps!! MAY POW DAY!! There was like 15cm or so of new snow! We slayed it in there! Shredded all morning and afternoon! Started off skiing the South trees while the light was super flat. Then sent it up to the top and skied “Shot of Canada”! That was dope!! Sydney killed it!!!! Then some more window shopping to ski laps off the top!! It was so much fun!! We put tracks all up in that basin!! Three sleds and six people! We each took about six laps! SMASH LIFE!! Clouds rolled back in heavy so we called it a day up in there!! Headed back down to the whips and cruised to Durango!! Syd, Lee, Karl, and I went over to Mountain Waters, where Squid works, to pick up a raft!! Loaded everything up and sent it down the river on the raft! We went from Memorial Park to Smelter!! So much fucking fun!! The weather was definitely not the greatest, but we made the best of it!! Rainy cloudy days equals POW in the mountains and our crew is always super positive!! The whitewater park was a blast! Faceshots all day!!! To finish off this incredible day we went over to Carvers and met up with Kevin and Jack for dinner! Then over to the Animas City Theatre for a concert, PJ Moon and The Swappers and J Calvin opened!! When the music hits you feel no pain!! Huuuuuge day!!! DREAM TEAM OF FUN!!!

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