Last Day of the Season!! Burgers, Sleds, Friends, and Snowboarding!!

BCFC3DC1-31B9-469B-9F4D-5CCB52AC1987May 15, 2019

Last day of the season!! Lee, Karl, Kit, and I went out to US Basin!! We took snowmobiles out from the top of Red Mountain Pass! For the last day we brought out a charcoal grill, cheeseburgers, a couple beers, strawberries, and blackberries!! The shredding was a blast!! We set up a pump track in a giant natural wind gully!! Did not take much work! It was so sick! Put a few jumps in! It was a natural banked slalom off of McMillian into US Basin!! We started the morning off building that while things were still firm and crusty! Once we got the hits in we sled lapped the Northeast face of US Basin!! It was perfect corn!! Took a few laps each on that then headed back up McMillian for our Olympic course!! HA! Had a great time taking airs off that and getting footy of each other!! We headed back down into the basin and lit up the charcoal for lunch!! While the grill was heating up Kit and Lee dropped Karl and I up on top of Koosh Peak for a nostalgia lap!! Super fun lap!! Karl and I were so stoked!! We cooked up some bomb ass burgers and had a gourmet lunch in the backcountry!! It was so cool!! Everything went smoooooth!!! To finish off the season right we party mobbed a lap together down the Northeast face!! We dropped Kit and Lee, brought a sled down, Karl and I headed back up on the other sled, and all four of us were standing on top of a line together!!! PARTY MOB!!!!!!!! Perfect way to finish off the season!! What a day!!!! Love these guys!! Love my friends!!! What a season it was!!! The ski community is something else man!!! So much love!! Everyone takes in each other with open arms!! We all share homes, meals, water, offer showers and laundry, heat, clothes, and hot tea!!! Welcome friends into our home mountains and show them all of our zones! And secret stashes!! Always making sure everyone is the best and most comfortable they can be!! It really is a completely different world!! All for the love of friends and having the best possible time together!! And POW of course!! 😉 Every year seems to get better and better the more I go into this ski bum lifestyle!! I learn how incredible humans are!! Always being inspired by others during my travels!!! I am switching into surf, beach, and music mode, but man I am going to miss the ski scene!! Nothing will ever compare!! Thank you so so sooooo much to everyone who was apart of this incredible season!! So many faceshots! So many good times!! The places snowboarding has taken me is unreal! So much travel!! So many people met! So many opportunities!! Endless experiences of a lifetime!!!! Much love to the ski community!! POWWWWWWWW

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